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Arranging a Meeting with Your MP: April Nursing and Midwifery 30 Day Challenge

30 day challenges are a great way to get involved with transforming perceptions of nursing and midwifery. This month’s challenge is to arrange a meeting with your local MP with a focused call to action. 

During the crowdsourcing phase of this work, meeting with your MP was identified as a key way for ambassadors to build positive perceptions of the profession, and to influence these key individuals to understand the value and impact of the profession.

The challenge focuses on a call to action of asking your MP to: 

•  Help shape or contribute to a potential event that is being planned at Portcullis House in October

•  Pledge to build positive perceptions of the profession by signing a Commitment Card (included in the pack)

•  Have their picture taken with you to show that they are supporting the campaign

Many Ambassadors have already started to make contact; here is the Ambassadors' resource pack to help you have a successful experience. As well as a template for your MP's pledge, the pack includes hints and tips to:

  • Make contact with your MP
  • Arrange the meeting
  • Prepare for the meeting, including mapping your influence
  • Create your Organising Statement
  • Make sure the meeting is effective
  • Follow up and follow through on agreed actions
  • Reflect on the meeting and evaluate your experience

Mike Kane, MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East has already joined our call to action. Listen to his story and his pledge - be inspired to contact your MP!


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