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Tweets of the Week 8th July, 2022

Welcome to Tweets of the Week! The one stop shop for the best of improvement tweets and knowledge from The Horizons team and beyond. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).  


This week was #CoProWeek

If you’re interested learning about co-production for improvement, watch @acserrao76, @helenlee321_lee, @donberwick, @davidcmcnally, @AlisonTweed & @richieqi1 session from the Big Conversation 

Watch the session by clicking here.

The Next Conversation

Did you join the Next Conversation last week?

Here are the 3 themes that connect the conversations from the Next Conversation:

  1. Coproduction 
  2. Conversation 
  3. Candour

Catch up on what took place in @LeighAKendall insightful summary blog linked here.  


The @NHSLeadership offers excellent programmes for people at every stage of their leadership careers. These programmes give you high quality, relevant development. Most NHS organisations will sponsor leaders if it's the right development for the right person. Click here to find out more about this opportunity.


An actionable framework for systems change - defined as "shifting the conditions that are holding the problem in place.” Systems change needs connected action at all 3 levels. The deeper (implicit) conditions are most likely to lead to sustainable change. For more information on this, click here to read 'The Water of Systems Change'.

5 less known tactics for engaging, constructive meetings to make better decisions: 

  1. Help quieter voices speak up 
  2. Create a short pre-read 
  3. Make space by speaking less 
  4. Foster debate 
  5. Separate “big debate” & “decision” meetings  

For more insight on this, click here to read 'Five Lesser-Known Tactics to Level Up Your Meetings'.


On Tuesday Helen joined the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Fellows meeting with their employers. Below Helen shares some wonderful reflections:

If we want people to stick to certain values/norms/principles, yes we should write them down. However, groups take on values not by reading but by copying behaviour of leadership role-models. Role-modelling is such a powerful lever for influencing. Click here to read 'Community leadership through role modeling?' for more insight.

We often see the "J curve" in change. We expect the change to lead to quick benefits, but things may get worse before they get better. This can lead to "leadership tinkering" where leaders don't allow time for benefits to kick in but start changing more things. Picture via @tom_geraghty.

An example of the "J Curve" is shown in the research that @AnthonyStaines undertook into healthcare organisations and systems globally that excelled at quality improvement (QI). The leaders of all these systems had made a long term investment into QI (1/2).

The leaders kept their faith in QI, avoiding the temptation to "tinker" with the QI approach until the results had time to work through the system. They took a long term view & people in their organisations have since continued to deliver impact through QI at scale (2/2).


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