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Continuing improvement with The Next Conversation

The Big Conversation for Improvement was an online event that took place across two days in May 2022 and brought together people from across the NHS, health and care and lived experience partners to keep improving together. If you missed the event, or would like to watch any of the sessions again, the digital goody bag containing session recordings, slides, and resources is available here.

The conversations were so energising we wanted to make sure they continued beyond the two days in May. So, on 28 June we held The Next Conversation.

We invited speakers from The Big Conversation to host mini takeovers of the @HorizonsNHS Twitter account. As part of their takeover, the speakers were able to continue the conversations started in May as part of their takeover. 

Each of the takeovers led to energised conversations about the conversation leader's work. People from across health and care, including people with lived experience, got involved to share their thoughts on the questions posed, and how they're using what they've learnt in their work. You can read the conversation threads via the link below.

The very different conversations shared in common a passion for health and care improvement. 

Three themes stuck out to me, threaded through each of the takeovers:

- Coproduction

- Conversation

- Candour

These three C's helped achieve success in projects talked about during the Digitally-Enabled Transformation, Improving Health Equity,  and Overcoming Challenges Together conversations. Elements of the three C's are needed to help us support the NHS to reduce waiting times for elective care; to spread improvement; to work together with people with lived experience to reflect on what we are doing well and where we can improve. It's about having the courage to work with different people, and to have challenging conversations. It's all about us #SolvingTogether.

Example quotes from the takeovers are detailed in the graphic below. 

What resonates with you? Is there new learning that you'd like to explore? Get in touch with us @HorizonsNHS or

Conversation threads from each takeover:

Welcome - Leigh Kendall

The Value of Working with Lived Experience Partners - Helen Lee and Cristina Serrao

What is needed to help people spread innovation and improvement? - Diane Ketley

Digitally-Enabled Transformation - Sunita Sharma

Why have a meeting when you can have a party? - Lindsey McClean

#SolvingTogether - Tony Baldasera, Devon Elliott, Divine Azange, Bev Matthews

Reconvening the Convenors - Rasleen Kahai, Cristina Serrao, Helen Bevan

Improving Health Equity - The SeeMe First team

Overcoming challenges Together - Shruthi Belavadi and Michael Turnham

Improvement in Health and Care - Vin Diwakar

School for Change Agents - Kerry McGinty and Christina Harrison