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Gearing up for the Nightingale Challenge

Next year as part of the Year of The Nurse and Midwife celebrations, the global Nursing Now campaign is also hosting the Nightingale Challenge which aims to provide a bespoke and innovative 12 month leadership programme for cohort of young nurses in 2020.

The School for Change Agents is one such opportunity to discover your potential to make a difference with a community of like-minded individuals. On the course, you will build the skills, confidence, and supportive community needed to create change in an evolving environment.

You will learn how to become a change agent by generating new ideas, pushing the boundaries, and leading others to do the same in your organisation. You will understand what drives you to create change, how to take action, and how to improve your approaches based on feedback.

In preparation for joining the new School for Change Agents course in 2020, there is an opportunity to join the autumn 2019 session which will run for six weeks starting on Monday 4th November. The autumn session is based on the webinar series that ran in May and June 2019.

Sign up for The School for Change Agents and lead your organisations' commitment to the Nightingale Challenge 2020!

A Case Study

One of the original nurse Ambassadors, Debbie Cromack at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust joined the School for Change Agents in June this year along with other members of the organisation's Nursing Development Team to become strong advocates of the School for Change Agents. 

The team are planning to enrol 20 Nightingale Challenge young nurses from their organisation as a focal point of their year to:

  • provide them with valuable information around 'new power' and how they can be positive and active ambassadors for change. 
  • enable them to become part of a global community and witness first hand the importance of networking, sharing and developing contacts with like-minded nurses, relationships with whom may go far beyond the lifespan of the School and onwards into the next stages of their nursing careers.
I would urge other nurse ambassadors to join the School for Change Agents this month and to consider enrolling their young nurses in the School next year - it is a free but priceless resource delivered by the inspirational NHS Horizons team. Debbie Cromack Learning, Education and Nursing Development Manager Nurse Development Team Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust


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