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| 1 minute read

Join Us to Transform Perceptions of Midwifery

The 23rd of January is an important day for midwives as an exciting new programme is being launched to build positive perceptions of midwifery

We will be joined by more than 120 people in Birmingham to gather ideas, discuss and review the midwifery profession, working together to shape and develop the future "Transforming Perceptions of Midwifery" programme from its inception.

If you'd like to be involved but can't attend the event in Birmingham, you can get involved virtually! We would love for you to join the launch by:

The day will be led by Professor Jacqueline Dunkley Bent, NHS England and we will have some insight from Jess Read, Regional Maternity Lead for NHS England, London; Birte Harlev-LamRoyal College of Midwives and Yvonne Bronski from the Royal College of Nursing Midwifery Forum as well midwifery ambassadors. 


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