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Help transform the perceptions of nursing and midwifery at Expo – via Twitter!

Would you like to be part of a main stage session at this year’s Health and Care Innovation Expo - and without having to travel anywhere? Join in with a tweet chat that’s happening at 10.45am on Thursday 6 September, at the same time as the Nursing and Midwifery Workforce 50 Minute Challenge.

The lively and audience-led session will be led by Professor Jane Cummings (Chief Nursing Officer for England); Helen Bevan (Horizons’ Chief Transformation Officer); Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent (Head of Maternity, Children and Young People at NHS England); Charlotte Hall (newly-qualified nurse and RCN student council representative; Mark Radford, Director of Nursing at NHS Improvement, and Chrissie Watson, author of ‘The Language of Kindness’.

During the 50 minute session, we will be focusing on ensuring nurses and midwives are supported to be at the heart of policy development and leading change across trusts at local, organisational and system levels. It’s part of the Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery programme .

We hope you’ll be able to join us and be part of this session - wherever you are.

All you need to be involved is access to Twitter between 10.45am and 11.35am on Thursday 6 September, and be prepared to share your ideas! The chat will be hosted by @horizonsnhs, and the hashtags that you will need to include in your tweets (so that we can find all of your ideas in order that we can act on them) are #Perceptions and #Expo18NHS

During the chat, we’ll be asking the following questions:

Q1: Introductions - #HelloMyNameIs

Q2: What are the biggest challenges facing the nurses and midwives in your organisation?

Q3: What can decision makers do to give nurses and midwives a voice to help address those challenges?

Q4: What do you think nurses and midwives need to do in order to influence health and social care policy development at a national and government level?


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