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Tweets of the Week 10 June, 2022

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).  


There's one week left before this first phase of #SolvingTogether, about supporting the recovery of NHS elective care, closes to new ideas! 

Please add your ideas to the platform, or vote/comment on ideas already posted, before Friday 17th June. The link to the platform is here.  

After 17th June, the ideas will be tested and prototyped for local implementation.

Are you going to #NHSConfedExpo and would like to learn more about #SolvingTogether? This session will be an opportunity to reflect on all #SolvingTogether has achieved so far, as well as find out about what a good idea looks like in practice. 

Date: Thursday 16 June  

Time: 10:45am

Location: PUU3 – 11A

Next Thursday 16th June there will be a #SolvingTogether tweet chat, 2:15 to 3:15pm.  

The tweet chat is an opportunity to look back at what #SolvingTogether has achieved so far, and look at what's next for #SolvingTogether ! Everyone is welcome to join.

Here is a brilliant video of @HughMcCaughey giving the real low down on why #SolvingTogether is for everyone and why it’s so important! 

“We need the eyes & ideas & insights of people right across the service & people using the service, #SolvingTogether gives us the platform to do that” ~ @HughMcCaughey 

If you haven't joined the #SolvingTogether platform yet, you'll need to sign up, which takes just a minute to do. Check out the video below to see how to register.  Click here to go to the #SolvingTogether platform.

Here @DrIainSmith reflects on #SolvingTogether: "There are many good process improvement ideas on #SolvingTogether that we could support at greater scale with massive-online collaboration content". Click here to access 'Lean Online Programme', which is a unique and innovative Lean improvement programme for those involved in health and social care.

What Matters to You Day

On Thursday it was 'What Matters to You Day!'. It’s a theme that has appeared many times in #SolvingTogether.  It was brilliant to see people getting involved - there's more information in the tweets below.

Shared decision making is at the core of What Matters to You. @EmmaCherub from @Aqua_NHS shared this idea linked here.  

What do you think? Have a look, and add your comments to the idea on the #SolvingTogether platform! (If you've not yet registered, it takes just a minute!) #SolvingTogether

Horizons' colleague Rosanna Hunt shared this idea as part of What Matters to You Day: What matters to me is taking a systems approach to address #HealthInequalities!" Do take a look at the Core20PLUS5 and other ideas to help NHS elective care recover. Click here to see the idea for more information.

Horizons' colleague Bev shared this idea "Rethinking communication could help avoid people coming into hospital, and help them go home quicker where appropriate" Add your thoughts to this post on #SolvingTogether  


You are warmly invited to a tweet chat about how we can support #OurNHSPeople to stay! The tweet chat is an opportunity for anyone working in the NHS to share their ideas and thoughts on supporting #OurNHSPeople to stay. 

Date: Monday 13th June 

Time: 1pm to 2pm 

The tweet chat is part of the Looking After Our People crowdsourcing initiative - find out more and join in here.

Do you work in the #NHS

Would you like a say on what you think will help our #OurNHSPeople do their best work? 

Have your say on what you think will help our #OurNHSPeople do their best work and thrive here now: by clicking here.

The Next Conversation

Would you like to continue the conversations started during The Big Conversation for Improvement? Join us for The Next Conversation! Tuesday 28 June, 9am to 5pm (drop in & out as able). 

This is an opportunity to reflect on learning, consider how you and your team can use insights from the two day event, together! #ImprovingTogether 


We are so proud of @joannemohammed2 for being awarded a Medal of the Order of British Empire (BEM) for services to #nursing & #disability awareness 

Here is a blog Joanne wrote in 2018 about speaking out against exclusion and marginalisation. Congratulations, Joanne!


One of the most positive trends in the improvement movement is an appreciation of the power of community. Communities happen in places, organisations and systems where people come together with a common interest and enable change. Click here to read '10 Principles for Healthy Communities by Meg Wheatley', for more information on this. 

“Great collaborations don't involve constant contact. They alternate between deep work and bursts of interaction.” ~ @AdamMGrant

This reflects on Leigh's experience: she find constant contact draining, whereas bursts of interaction energise me for deep work. How about you? 

New research shows how building or rebuilding a sense of belonging is a critical task in leading change. Change disrupts belonging. Leaders of change must override the old order and help build a fresh sense of belonging to a new or bigger whole. For more insight on this, click here to read 'Leading change post pandemic'.

What do we see in a change initiative across an organisation or system that's really humming? 

It's about having enough people with shared purpose, committed to action. Maybe we need to think about starting change initiatives in different ways. For more insight on this, click here to read 'In Sync: Unlocking Collective Action in a Connected World'.

We will only improve if we try new ways of working, based on new ideas. Yet organisations often squash or crush good ideas. Leadership means unleashing the creativity, expertise and ingenuity of people. Click here to see how @Bromford is addressing this by reading 'How To Kill Ideas (Part 53)'.

Powerful use of the "iceberg" metaphor for collaboration & co-creation. Above the waterline, we start from our own position, resulting in win/lose. At the deepest level it's about the tension/interdependence between what seems like opposing values. Thank you @russgaskin and @WeAreCoCreative.

"Ecosystem": a term that's increasingly used in large scale change in health & care. It's defined as "a dynamic group of largely independent players that create products or services that together constitute a coherent solution". For more information, click here to read 'Are You Ready to Become An Ecosystem Player?'.

The more ambitious our improvement goals in complex systems, the greater likelihood of failure. It's a key factor as we address health inequalities. The reality is systems change work ALWAYS involves failure, so let's make failure work says @russgaskin. Click here to find our more about what @russgaskin has to say on this topic.


Taking time as a team to create our team norms (that everyone in the team agrees to honour) can be a powerful way to build team cohesion or effectiveness. It's built on commitments we make to each other, not compliance. This process by @CCLdotORG works well, click here for more insight.

This is a philosophy that Helen sees often in teams and organisations with a strong ability to innovate, learn, change & improve. It's made up of just six words: think big, learn fast, start small:. Click here to read 'Six Words To Remember: Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast' for more insight on this topic.

A "real team" is a small group of people with complementary skills, committed to a shared purpose, who succeed or fail together & hold each other accountable. Most teams aren't real teams; they're working groups or teams-in-name-only. For more insights on this, click here to read 'Teaming is hard because you’re probably not really on a team'.

"A Manager’s Guide to Helping Teams Face Down Uncertainty, Burnout and Perfectionism" by @FirstRound with brilliant graphics from @lizandmollie. Read the guide by clicking here.


The NHS clinical audit community (an often hidden nationwide asset for health and care improvement) are running Twitter polls starting next Monday to identify the nation's favourite clinical audit process model. Follow the hashtags #CAAW22 &  #clinicalaudit and check out the tweets below for more details.

Data is critical to improvement but without a meaningful context that people can connect with, it's hard to use data to motivate change. When we explain data with a compelling story that links to people's values & sense of shared purpose, magic happens #QITwitter . Art by @gapingvoid.

Here are the three dimensional version of Everett Rogers’ innovation adoption curve by @NickScott506

1) the audience for innovation 

2) the extent to which leaders support & advocate for innovation 

3) the level of innovation maturity 

Click here to read 'Lean Organizational Change' for more insight on this.

Future of Work

Here are 4 blogs by @HilaryCottam on the future of work: 

  1. Reimagining work 
  2. Work and time 
  3. Work & care 
  4. Work & transitions

Everything you wanted to know about emotional intelligence: the core principles & models, how to assess & improve it, criticisms of emotional intelligence as a concept, the leading thinkers, the top books & resources, the best podcasts. Click here to read 'Emotional Intelligence and EQ' for more details on this.


At the beginning of a workshop or meeting, participants often have different starting points, views or positions so it can feel like chaos. It's the job of the facilitator to help draw the ideas through the chaos into consolidated thinking. Graphic by @tashwillcocks based on work by Sam Kaner.

We tend to "over design" workshops and events. We think adding more content, speakers or activities will make them better. The reality is people need just enough info/insight to try something and as much space as possible to work/reflect/discuss. Read more.


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