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Tweets of the Week 22nd April, 2022

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).  


You are warmly invited to attend a #SolvingTogether  tweet chat on Tuesday 26 April between 7pm and 8pm. The tweet chat will be focused on the Building Outstanding Theatre Teams challenge, with panelists @svig2 @JohnDrew_1970 @Dom55 @NeilPicton @BevMatthewsRN

#SolvingTogether is an approach to capture, assess and test learning and ideas that can support recovery of elective services together. 

On Thursday this week, @jape and @KateSlater2 led an insightful, thought-provoking training session on Human Centred Design Prototyping. If you weren't able to attend the session, you can see the live tweets in the thread by clicking here.

What actions can we take to change the pattern and/or nature of demand that means that people stay healthier and/or don’t need to visit or stay in the hospital? The rethinking demand challenge is part of #SolvingTogther. Get involved on the #SolvingTogether platform now by clicking here.

How do we make sure that the way we go about restoring elective services is fair, inclusive and accessible to everyone? The making elective service recovery fair, inclusive and accessible challenge is part of #SolvingTogether. Get involved on the #SolvingTogether platform now by clicking here.

The Big Conversation - #ImprovingTogether 

Join Ras Kahai at the Big Conversation for Improvement where she will be a compère during the two day event, Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th May.

To register and join Ras and colleagues, click here.

@fhussain73 will be 'in conversation' with the National Improvement Award winner for 'Spreading Improvement' at the Big Conversation. To register and join Farzana and colleagues, click here.

At the Big Conversation for Improvement @NHS_Man_John will be demonstrating how @hexitime timebanking supports you to collaborate better for health and care improvement. 

Register now by clicking here.

The School for Change Agents 

"The first NHS Change Day in 2013 was instrumental to the creation of the #S4CA as we know it today" - @GabrielleLaw3

Read this blog by @GabrielleLaw3 on the #S4CA session that took place on #FabChange21, it contains great info about the origins of the School!


One of the key programmes we are proud to support is about ensuring our international nurses #StayAndThrive. Today Bev has been following @WeNurses takeover by @SimonLittlefie as he introduces 18 new #TeamCNO colleagues to London.

NHS Maternity services

Do you work at the point of care in #NHS maternity services? We are excited to be working with the #CQC (@CQCProf) on the design of a roundtable listening event.

Date: Tuesday 24 May, 2022 

Time: 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Find out how to register by clicking here. Or register your interest here.

Team Updates

@HorizonsNHS' Helen Bevan had her final day in a full time job last Thursday! We look forward to welcoming her back in her new role as a part time strategic advisor to the NHS Horizons team.

Some reflections and wise words from Helen:


Some of Helen's biggest improvement breakthroughs have come via communities of practice and /or communities of action. The learning communities where magic happens have a clear strategic focus, are properly resourced and well led. Click here to read the blog 'Why communities of practice succeed and why they fail - an interesting analysis', for more information.

Researchers have found that the greatest predictor of success for leaders is positive relational energy. Positive energisers demonstrate integrity, generosity, gratitude & recognition in the organisation. As a result, everyone flourishes. Click here to read 'The Best Leaders Have a Contagious Positive Energy' from the Harvard Business Review for more insight.

Marlies van Dijk is a very wise & experienced health & care change leader in Canada. This thread is ten things she has learnt about change that aren't taught as part of clinical education. It's worth the effort to scroll through all ten. Many of these apply in the English NHS too. Click here to see the Tweet thread.

Principles for designing work so people love their jobs and want to stay in them: 

  1. Recruit humans, not workers 
  2. Commit to lifelong learning 
  3. Respect each person’s uniqueness 
  4. Avoid standardised tools 
  5. Build trust 
  6. Focus on teams
For more information on this, click here to read 'Designing Work That People Love', from the Harvard Business Review.

Want to learn how to stop your improvement or transformation programme becoming a YACI (Yet Another Change Initiative) that doesn't deliver to its promise? Click here to read 'Three Ideas for Organizational Change' by @BKS707. An article with some interesting ideas and a lot of useful references for leading change.


A key way Helen has sought to improve her practice in leading change over recent years is by focusing more strongly on building a sense of belonging for everyone in the team. Whether it's a work team or improvement initiative, belonging creates power & strength.

Sometimes leaders say "don't bring me problems, bring me solutions", in the belief they are "empowering" their team members. The reality is that they may be reinforcing silo thinking and poor decision making. Learn what leaders should do instead by clicking here to read the article 'Stop Telling Your Team “Don’t Bring Me Problems”. Instead, Do This'.

When we see big gaps in performance, our first reaction as leaders may be to seek to be more focused, disciplined and programmatic and to hold people more closely to account for delivery. But these are not the only routes to being more productive and purposeful. Graphic by@DrAliceBoyes.


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