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Tweets of the Week 18 February, 2022

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).  

The School for Change Agents

Have you heard the news? The School for Change Agents has returned and is live now! Check out this tweet to see what people have to say about the #S4CA.

  • Build your skills in leading and supporting change 
  • Join a supportive global community 

Sign up for the School today by clicking here to join 4000 people that are already signed up to this run of the #S4CA.

The team were really feeling the love on Monday! We asked the School community what they loved about the #S4CA? 

See what people have to say about what they love in the thread of this tweet by clicking here.

Here was a wonderful Tweet from @thelovelymaeve quoting the 'Agents Assemble' podcast! 

If you would like to listen to the podcast that talks about The School for Change Agents and features special guests, click here.

If you'd like to learn how to address health inequalities and make it sustainable join @BenashNaz on the School for Change Agents! There is plenty of fantastic content for everyone, so join now by clicking here and start getting involved in the conversation on Twitter by using the #S4CA.

Check out this post linked here to find out more on how to sign up and what to expect from the #S4CA. 

It also contains some wonderful tweets from the Schools alumni, so be sure to check them out too.


Tech Spotlight Tip:

Here is a fantastic tip to help you and your colleagues! An email signature can be really helpful so that colleagues can see your contact details or any other information about yourself at the bottom of all emails. Just follow these steps...


There is still lots of activity on the #SolvingTogether platform for the supporting people waiting for Hip and Knee operations challenge. Do get involved and interact with people on the platform and share your ideas too! Click here to go to the #SolvingTogether platform. 


Here is some useful advice from Helen on preparing for the future. Check out this Wall Street Journal article to find out more on this, click here for the article.


Ageism is rife at work, linked to negative age-related stereotypes. Older women are the most disadvantaged in key areas. Leaders can adopt the Acknowledge-Grow-Embrace (AGE) model to tackle this. Older workers make such a key contribution. Read this London School of Economics blog 'Ageism in the workplace - the privilege of being the right age' by clicking here to learn more on this topic.

A great reading suggestion from Helen for the guide:  The Art of Insubordination: how to dissent & defy effectively by @toddkashdan. There is also a free webinar on this on Saturday 19th February 2022, click here for the Webinar details.


Sometimes leaders say that risk is a bad thing: risk of failure, reputational risk etc, and stop us from doing important, positive things. Yet if we don't take risks, nothing changes. This is a great definition of risk from @gcouros. We need "unknown betters". Graphic via @bowersnoborders.

Globally respected improvement leaders suggest 5 ways to restore depleted healthcare workers: 

  1. make the most of extended teams 
  2. be a reliable advocate 
  3. lead with kindness 
  4. offer emotional support resources 
  5. allow time for what matters

Find out more about these in this Harvard Business Review article: 5 Ways to Restore Depleted Health Care workers.

New Harvard research on the traits that leaders need in a digital era. The so-called "soft" skills that aren't soft any more are critical. We need catalysts more than planners, leaders who love to explore and experiment and who can trust and let go. For more insight on this, click here to read the Harvard Business School article 'Curiosity, Not Coding: 6 Skills Leaders Need In the Digital Age'. 

Leaders often see change as a communication exercise, thinking that if people really understood the idea they'd embrace it. The reality? It's not about communication, most often it's actively sabotaged by people who prefer the status quo says @Digitaltonto. Click here to read the Nexxworks blog 'Every Changemaker Should Know These 3 Strategies (But Most Don’t)' for more information on this.

Successful change is more likely if leaders follow 2 truths: 

  1. People don’t resist change; they resist being controlled
  2. People who plan the battle rarely battle the plan. 

Doing change "with" people, not "to" or "for" them is critical. Click here to read this Smart Brief blog 'Lower resistance to change by following these 2 simple truths' for more insight on this. 

How to get better at persuasion: 5 lessons from a Stanford Professor in 5 minutes:

  1. Appeal to emotion 
  2. Seek advice with a rough prototype 
  3. Make the decision & then make it right 
  4. Expect the best to get it 
  5. Take care of yourself

For more insight on this click here to read this blog from Stanford Business 'Class Takeaways: The Frinky Science of the Human Mind'.

For those working in improvement in health and care, one of the best events of the whole year is the Microsystem Festival run by @qulturum, Sweden. This year, it's free and online (Zoom) 2nd to 4th of March. People are taking part from across the globe. Find out more by clicking here.  


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