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Tweets of the Week 12 November, 2021

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).   

The School for Change Agents 

Just one week to go before the return of the School for Change Agents!

The #S4CA gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and create positive change!

Sign up now and join a fantastic global community of Change Agents!

"We can have so much influence when we are a part of a community." ~ @Anisah_Majothi

The School for Change Agents is back next Monday! Read this blog to find out more about what you could learn from this fantastic opportunity! #S4CA

Click here for the blog.

Learn "how to tame your inner Chimp" by joining @YouAreNotAFrog1 on the School for Change Agents that starts on Monday next week! 

The #S4CA gives you the opportunity to grow your skills and join a fantastic global community of Change Agents. 

Click here to sign up.


Today our colleague Rupal Jopal supported the NHS England and NHS Improvement Diwali event. An afternoon filled with colour, song and dance as well as sharing the ways our colleagues celebrated this beautiful Festival of Light #DiwaliNHSEngland

A fantastic start to our #StayandThrive Guiding Group for internationally recruited colleagues. @KatyMcDonald01 gave an update on the vibrant and energising community of action work and @HelenBevanTweet talked about how we unleash colleagues power for change.

Please take part in the #Core20PLUS5 survey linked here if you are: 

  1. A healthcare professional with an interest in reducing health inequalities 
  2. A NHS health inequalities professional
  3. An organisation that supports/has an expert understanding of communities at risk of health inequalities

Spread and Adoption

Interested in reading about the important role of adopters in the spread & adoption of innovations? Details can be found in this blog linked here. More information in 'Leading the Spread and Adoption of Innovation and Improvement: A Practical Guide' can be found here. #NHSSpread

Join @DianeKetley's webinar on Tuesday 30th November to hear more about Leading the Spread and Adoption of Innovation and Improvement, an NHS England and NHS Improvement publication produced by NHS Horizons. #NHSSpread.  


Wednesday's #Caring4NHSPeople's event was the 29th Wellbeing Wednesday session. Another huge thank you to all our speakers for a brilliant session!

We hope you can join us for the next session - it will be about: Menopause.  #Caring4NHSPeople

Click the Tweet below to follow the thread and catch up on what took place during the session.


Tech Spotlight!

Do you ever struggle when planning meetings to find a suitable time for all the attendees? Not to worry, this tip from @HorizonsNHS for @Outlook can save you time and unnecessary stress! 


People tend to be overconfident in their beliefs and viewpoints. Research shows people's confidence in the correctness of their beliefs often exceeds the accuracy of their beliefs. "Intellectual humility" means being open to other ideas or evidence. For more insight, click here.

Helen learnt the Deming principle of "driving out fear" 30+ years ago when she started in improvement. These days, we talk about psychological safety. "The Fearless Organisation" by @AmyCEdmondson is a great book on this. Check out this link for a good summary.

The reality is that most of the big changes that make a real difference don't start at the top or centre of the organisation. Change starts at the grassroots or fringes and it start with the activists. Graphic by @OfficeGuyToons.

A wonderful graphic from josie.doodles on Instagram. Too often we only see the future as an extension of what happened in the past. Sometimes our heads & hearts need a little reminder that we don't live there anymore. There are multiple possible futures that we can shape.

Multitasking is a myth. The problem is it requires us to keep switching between contexts and every time we do that, we have to shift attention (to a new context/new set of rules) and disengage from the parallel task. It slows down thinking and learning and erodes memory. Thank you @ImpactWales.

Leaders within the Australian healthcare system have identified "what matters" in digital transformation. The factors are similar for any large scale change initiative. It's HOW we go about the change and WHO we engage as much as WHAT we do. Click here to find out more.

As much as 80% of the knowledge in an organisation is undocumented. That's why networks, communities of learning/practice & sharing conversations are often more effective than good practice repositories/portals, metadata or search systems. Click here for more information.

Humility matters in senior leaders. A new study found  when there's a more humble CEO at the helm, its leadership team is more likely to collaborate, share information, jointly make decisions & have a shared vision. Click here for more information.


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