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Tweets of the Week 2 November, 2021

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).  

The School for Change Agents 

There is less than two weeks until the School for Change Agents starts again!

Here is @EM_HealthPsych giving a little insight into what you can learn from the #S4CA

Join Esther and a brilliant global community of change agents now! Click here to sign up.


On Monday Helen and the Horizons team facilitated a deliberative event for @NHS_HealthEdEng with leaders & advocates across the system on a new long-term strategic framework for health and social care workforce planning. We worked with a foresight approach to identify possible futures. #OurFutureWorkforce.

It's great to see @PRETHRAO's first day being filled with a brilliant event like #OurFutureWorkforce. Great discussions about what will and needs to change into the next 15 years.

Joe Home tweeted that there were brilliant and productive conversations on Monday morning around workforce planning for the next 15 years in health and social care.

Health Inequalities

Please take a moment to share your views on the @NHSEngland #Core20PLUS5 approach to reducing #healthinequalities - the online survey is open until 19 November. The survey can be found here.


Do you work in engagement & participation in the NHS or wider health & care sector? Find out more about the #StartWithPeople conference which is happening on 25 November - more information in the tweet below.


You're welcome to join the next #Caring4NHSPeople event, which will be about how civility and respect underpins a culture of kindness and compassion. It will be taking place on 10 November at 4pm to 5pm. Click here for the session details.

Moves to "flexible" working and "hybrid" working are changing the way we think/speak/act regarding the future of work. Yet both flexibility & hybrid mean leaders must give people autonomy, "the desire to be the causal agent of one’s own life.”. For more information click here.

Optimism isn't about pretending things are good when they are not. Optimism means finding positivity in a situation and always taking action towards a better outcome. It's about believing in people and being hopeful that we can work together for a new future. Graphic by @positivepresent.

Spread and Adoption 

Read about the 'Focus on the Benefit Rather than the Innovation' - one of the Seven Interconnected Principles of Spread and Adoption here. For more on Leading the Spread and Adoption of Innovation and Improvement: A Practical Guide, click here.  #NHSSpread

Next week: How can we enable the spread of complex innovations to improve health and care outcomes? Join the upcoming webinar with @DianeKetley, Associate Healthcare Improvement Adviser, sharing @HorizonsNHS' new practical guide. Book now by clicking here.  

Virtual Collaborate  

This week's Tech Spotlight! Have you ever been on a @MicrosoftTeams meeting and struggled to see what is being presented? Don't worry @HorizonsNHS have got you covered!


The QI evidence update compiled by @andreadgibbons & @improvjess is always jam-packed with info that no quality improvement person in health and care should be without! Read it here.

"Unconventional ways to increase work productivity". Part 1: Make the goals feel achievable. People need a clear connection to the end-results and fit to the bigger picture. It's why it's often best not to use labels like "transformation". Click here for more insight. Thank you: @pdiscoveryuk

Every big ambition for change only becomes real when we start taking action. The first step, with hardly any impact, moves it from being a concept to a practical reality and creates hope and possibility. Never underestimate the power of small tasks for change. Graphic: @OzolinsJanis.
If we want to improve whole systems, our ability to continually sense, learn & adapt across systems is a critical component. This new paper "Building a culture of learning at scale: learning networks for systems change" is excellent. Click here for more information.


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