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Tweets of the Week 30 July, 2021

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).  

Work with us

We have an exciting opportunity to join our team on a secondment as Communities Programme Manager! (8b) If you're passionate about bringing together communities & have brilliant digital production skills we'd love to hear from you. Click here for more information


If you keep working working working…your body & brain will find a way to make you stop by becoming sick, forcing you to rest. The way to keep going consistently? Plan and schedule regular rest. Wisdom via @lizandmollie


Improvement and Change

In the spirit of the Olympics/Paralympics, the #ImprovementMethodOlympics are starting on Twitter next Wednesday, 4 August. You'll be able to vote for your most used or best loved improvement methods & tools. It will be a bit of fun & will raise awareness of  improvement methods.

It is sad to hear Albert Bandura recently died aged 95. He greatly influenced Helen's practice as a change leader. He taught the world about self-efficacy: if we believe we can achieve something, then we will achieve something. We need to keep moving forward with the self-efficacy mission.

As an 'enabling leader' Diane's mindset is focused on how to 'facilitate and enable adaptation, emergence and change'. This 1 year old blog is still very relevant and is still read by others. Why 'enabling leadership' is needed for innovation spread and adoption. Have a read of the blog.

This is called "Heuristics for effective software development: a continuously evolving list", based on the agile manifesto. It's actually a great set of principles for leading change in any context. Thank you @allenholub @tom_geraghty

Everyone who works in change & improvement benefits from a basic knowledge of OD (organisational development). Helen strongly recommends this virtual introductory course from @NHSE_DoOD . It's open & relevant to all, in any sector & it's free.  



Nearly 50% of NHS people are managed by a band seven leader. These leaders are key to performance gains & one of our greatest untapped leadership assets. See this article from @BCG on the hidden potential of public sector frontline leaders #100RepeatTweets no.28

Are you part of a SMT or other cross-functional group? How to connect beyond silos: 1) Become comfortable with discomfort 2) Set expectations in advance 3) Hear from all 4) Ask the right questions 5) Call out response data 6) Connect the work 7) Mix it up. Read the article.

In  "high-control" workplaces, information gets pushed up to authority: senior leaders make decisions on the basis of information. In organisations that enable their people this is flipped: decision-making authority is pushed down to those with the information. By @sketchplanator

In thinking about how our organisations will work in the future, do you have a first stream ethos (sees people as resources/operators who might be dispensable when AI or robotics take over) or a second stream ethos (puts people first)? Read this article by @JeremyScrivens

Pirates, like any kind of rebel, heretic, maverick or challenger of the status quo, often get a bad rap. Yet we can learn greatly from the leadership philosophy & practice of pirates. Learn more from this article by Harvard Professor @francescagino


Six questions to ask if it's suggested we meet in person: 1)  Do we need to meet? 2) Is this relationship or task-based? 3) How complex are our aims? 4) Could this take a different shape/form? 5) What will be most inclusive? 6) Have we got skills for hybrid?  Read the article.

What kind of reader are you? This is a fun one to use as a check-in for a virtual team meeting. Thank you @EliseGravel