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Tweets of the Week 14 May 2021

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

The School for Change Agents

Exciting news! In three live #S4CA webinars @HelenBevanTweet  & @KathrynPerera  will be exploring concepts covered in the FutureLearn sessions. The webinars are optional, and all are welcome whether or not you have joined on FutureLearn (if you haven't yet signed up to the online learning community, you still can). The sessions will be great fun, interactive and energised! There's already a brilliant buzz about them - thank you Sarah Reed and Becky Thomas for your tweets. The first session is next Tuesday, 18 May at 3pm. Find out more here and in this blog post.
The latest Agents Assemble! podcast is live! Have a listen of us talking about session 4 of @Sch4Change - sharing your personal story, social influence... & fish & chips!


May's wellbeing session was held this week. It was about inclusion and wellbeing - there were some brilliant insights from our speakers. If you missed it, you can catch up with the recording.

What the team has been doing

The team was proud to help facilitate an event for healthcare professionals this week as part of Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Week.

International Nurses' Day

Wednesday 12th May was International Nurses Day, the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale in 1820. It was a pleasure for @HorizonsNHS to contribute three years ago to a programme of work igniting a transformation for perceptions of nursing. During this work nurses were supported to deliver a series of 30 Day Challenges, including writing blogs. Zara Head has re-shared her blog, a letter to her student nurse self for #IND2021


If we want to be kind & compassionate in tough times, we need a culture of empathy. Empathy means starting from a place of understanding of how others are feeling & applies whether we're working virtually or face to face. TY @4OClockFaculty @ImpactWales
Your leadership behaviour: are you a multiplier or a diminisher? Multipliers bring out the best in those around them & help them to grow. Diminishers are smart people who don't help others around them to become as smart. Read the post.
Over the decades, Helen has learnt the power of just asking. Often we're scared to ask someone to do something for us but the worse outcome is they say no or ignore us. No big deal! Social media gives us direct access to great people who can potentially help. Graphic by @lizandmollie

Creating a culture of gratitude: giving someone a compliment or expression of gratitude has a mood-lifting effect & boosts wellbeing. Also, compliment-givers underestimate the very positive impact they have. Read more. Via @HarvardBiz @gapingvoid


New from @HarvardBiz: Starting to think about "return" to the office? Resist falling back into old routines: 1) Identify new practices to retain; 2) Reduce the influence of symbols linked to old practices;3) Openly discuss disagreements about new practices. Read Resist Old Routines When Returning to the Office
Gallup data shows fully remote workers are experiencing more burnout than those on-site. Researchers suggest that the pandemic might be the greatest threat to team connectedness ever seen. Time for radical action says @PaulBromford.

Virtual collaboration

Three quick ways to make your social media more accessible: Frame with picture Add #AltText to your images and GIFs.Bactrian camel Use #CamelCase - a capital letter at the start of each word - on long hashtags.Speech balloon Add accurate #captions to your videos. Automated captions don't count! #DeafAwarenessWeek

Helen got a request from @HappyFamilyDoc for icebreakers for a virtual meeting. The most comprehensive site for all kinds of tools for virtual meetings, events & connection is run by @lightling. Look up the section on virtual icebreakers


The top ten list of leadership requirements for the future. These won't gain traction unless they're supported/enabled by a leadership mindset to help new behaviours become the norm. The most important factor is trust. Read the post by @Doug_Ready 

Leaders need to build trust for a post-pandemic world. People feel safer taking risks, innovating & speaking minds in trusting environments. Actions: 1) Support healing & also growth; 2) Lead with extreme clarity; 3) Declare that we care:  Via @DougConant

Change and Improvement

Many of us are familiar with the "innovation distribution curve" on how new ways of working spread. But those of us involved in organisational change efforts sometimes feel that word "chasm" doesn't quite explain the challenges we are facing... By @voinonen 

Interested in learning more about @MaryUhlBien 's work on adaptive spaces and how it can help you lead complex change? Overview provided in this short video, and more information is here.

The International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare will be 9 to 11 June. Health & care improvers from across the globe learn & share together, virtually. Early bird rate ends tomorrow. You get the live event & the recordings for a year. More info. @QualityForum #quality2021

A new version of the iceberg graphic from the Horizons team. Leaders (especially those at the top/centre of the organisation/system) tend to focus their actions on factors above the waterline.  For deep, sustainable change, we also need to tackle issues below the waterline. Our colleague @ollybenson has excelled himself by adding animation & making the iceberg float!

We're moving to an era where change is increasingly happening across systems/boundaries. It means that skills for collaboration are becoming core skills for change. See this helpful toolkit from @theQCommunity. Thanks @mountfordjames 

Here's the May roundup of QI articles and updates.