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Tweets of the Week, 19 February 2021

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


So much has changed since the #OurNHSPeople unconference a year ago. We can't currently meet face to face but we can still have brilliant unconferences, just virtually. Our next is March 8 International Women's Day. Sign up here.


If you are working in a large-scale vaccination centre please join this webinar next week.  Find out how improvement approaches are already being used and join a national improvement learning community. Sign up here.


The second blog from Goran Henriks & Helen in their series on simple rules for leading transformation was published this week. It's about defining our shared purpose: our (who are our people?) shared (what unites us?) purpose (why are we taking action?).
You can also read the first blog here.


Self care is one of the least selfish things we can do as the pandemic rolls on. When we take care of ourselves, in multiple dimensions, we create our best state for being able to support others. Thank you to Sylvia Duckworth for the powerful graphic.
Teacher Julie Woodard stresses the importance of greeting children on a Monday morning. Some adult colleagues in lockdown on their own may also have lacked any positive human interaction since Friday. Here's to Monday morning virtual greetings.


Our @HorizonsNHS 30 day challenge is #accessibility for our #VirtualCollaborate sessions Week 1: When designing #virtual sessions this week discuss accessibility requirements
If we want our virtual teams to work even more effectively, they should develop ability to "work out loud" virtually. This means there's a system for keeping track of 1) what everyone's focused on 2) what’s getting done & 3) who needs help.

Leadership and Teams

The organisations that have the best experiences & outcomes of change are typically those with a culture of learning: where everyone can try new things, maybe fail & feel supported & respected for that. This requires psychological safety.
Research shows that treating people with respect every day is one of the most helpful things a leader can do. Respect is an action: We show respect; we act respectfully; we speak with respect.
When we respond with "YES BUT", we close down discussion & possibility - we make the other person feel their idea is dismissed. If we use "YES AND", we can build on their ideas & open ourselves up to being changed.
Profound changes are coming in the nature of team leadership, post Covid. Leaders will need to be "multimodal", ie, being effective in both virtual coordination mode & face-to-face collaboration mode. 4 leadership roles in this hybrid world.
If you're a "maker" - eg, learning designer, programmer, writer - you operate to a different time schedule to a "manager".That's why, if Helen has scheduled half of her day for writing & a 30 min meeting gets put in mid way, she can't write at all.

Social Influence

What's your social networking style: an expansionist, broker or convener? Understanding this can help us to 1) understand our social world better & 2) be more mindful about which parts of our network to call upon in certain situations.


A virtual toolbox of 100+ practical tools for people who want to work more creatively & collaboratively in their team, organisation or network. The tools are beautifully presented & the toolbox is free!


We love seeing the fab pictures of people getting their Covid19 vaccinations. Our colleague Leigh shared her joy of getting the first dose of her vaccination.

Zarah shared that her mum got her first dose of the vaccine. well as Kerry's dad who recently got his first dose too!

And finally...

Prior to the pandemic, we felt at least a little rested after the weekend, ready to face the onslaught of the Monday morning return to work. Now, after eleven months of working virtually from home, we still feel really tired on Sunday night. Time to put things in perspective....