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Tweets of the Week, 22 January 2021

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


The refreshed NHS People Health and Wellbeing Support content has made its way to a new home, on the official @NHSEngland website.

This week our Chief People Officer @Prerana_Issar convened the first #NHS #disability staff network chairs & leads meeting for #OurNHSPeople with support from some of our #VirtualCollaborate team. If you already have a network or want help to get one started in your organisation then do get involved. Read more.

Working with clinical teams is an important part of our approach across Horizons. Joanne Mohammed is a Matron at East Lancashire Hospital. Joanne has inspired us in our thinking around accessibility as she is deaf. Bev nominated Joanne for Chief Nursing Officer award - an award developed to recognise the significant and outstanding contribution made by nurses in England, and their exceptional contribution to nursing practice. Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England presented Joanne with her award virtually.


Burnout is much less about individual resilience & much more about the work & the work environment. This powerful graphic by @SonyaWallbank contrasts  "ideal" conditions for teams to flourish, even in tough situations & the "ideal" conditions for members of a team to burn out.
As our current situation demonstrates, being able to ask for help is an important behaviour in teams. It's all about trust. @BreneBrown describes a marble jar: trustworthy behaviours add marbles; actions that damage trust take them away. Read the post.
On supposedly "Blue Monday", some advice for leading your remote, fragmented and/or dispersed team during "Lockdown January": 1) Focus on something; 2) Get team members supporting each other; 3) Set the example; 4) Be a bounded optimist.

Working from home brings different kinds of distractions to working in an office (Twitter being one!) Here's some advice on resisting distraction & increasing our cognitive control (defined as "the ability to monitor, reflect on & govern our thoughts & actions"). TY @ImpactWales
Facing yet another exhausting day of MS Teams meetings, sat in front of a laptop, Helen sometimes struggles to motivate herself to take any exercise. Then she realises how much positive difference it makes to her day when she gets out there.
A very useful graphic guide for having a compassionate phone conversation during #Covid19

Here's a joyful article: nine quotes that remind us why kindness matters, with a commentary on each quote. My favourite is by Desmond Tutu: “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”


Those of us who run remote/virtual workshops are at risk of offering the "same old" every time. Here are some ideas to spice them up such as getting participants to create their own backgrounds as an icebreaker, mood checkers & remote High Fives.
Do you need a little bit of fun in the midst of this intense, never ending, home based working virtual reality we find ourselves in now? Microsoft Teams Bingo is recommended. Thanks @ImpactWales

Leadership and Leading Change

We want things to be different in the future. An important way to help make this happen is by developing leaders to be system leaders. Here's a system leader's fieldbook - a great resource with many useful links:
Helen is following the "Modern Workplace Learning Daily" posts by @C4LPT . Each day gives practical advice/resources on topics such as collaborative learning, working with graphics & polls & learning facilitation. This is from day 14.
An outstanding set of interviews with thought leaders by @BeckyMalby , aimed at leaders of health & care wanting to think differently beyond the pandemic. Topics include transforming governance, community, high performing health systems & adaptive change:
Beyond the pandemic, change will continue at rapid pace. It's why we must invest in building connections/relationships. Connection comes before content; ie, if we want to increase the flow of knowledge, we need to get people connecting more. Read the post.
How to be trusted: 1) Walk the talk 2) Keep commitments 3) Behave consistently 4) Don't misrepresent the truth 5) Don't withhold information 6) Don't gossip 7) Don't throw others under the bus 8) Keep confidences 9) Support others. Read the post. 
When Helen thinks about the organisations doing the best improvement work in the health & care system, they've one thing in common: they make change invisible. They build improvement into daily work so everyone expects to be part of it & doing it. Read more.

And finally...

Well, St Valentine's Day is going to be different this year and the cards are starting to reflect this. This one, by @twisteddoodles is available here.  Hopefully, the cards will be back to normal in 2022.