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Tweets of the Week, 24 December 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


No matter how hard things are, when you’re used to helping others, it can feel difficult to ask for the help YOU need too. #OurNHSPeople have used our health & wellbeing support over 620,000 times so far - please remember that it’s here for you too

Virtual Christmas

Social distancing rules mean that many of us are unable to see family and friends in person during Christmas. Here's some fabulous virtual interactive ideas for you are your families and friends over the festive break created by Rosie Redstone - do add your ideas to the thread too.

Remote working

What can we learn about building & sustaining a strong remote working culture from companies like McKinsey that have been doing it for years? 1) build strong social & learning environments; 2) focus on teams; 3) refine the cultural core.

International Women's Day 2021 

A moment of hope for 2021 - the chance to connect, share and learn with thousands of other women (and allied) across the NHS and wider health and care with Prerana Issar for #IWD2021 - hold the date (8 March), with more details to follow.
Sam Allen shared that she is delighted to co-host this on behalf of @hcwomenleaders with @Prerana_Issar on 8th March. Save the date & join us.

Leadership & Change

Helen shared that she often sees disappointed people leading organisation/system change. They're ready for action but their senior decision makers aren't even contemplating change. In this context, all the change agents can do is help make the decision makers more aware. Graphic by Marsha David.
4 myths in organisation/system change: 1) people who "buy-in" to change are ready to implement; 2) leaders have to overcome "resistance to change"; 3) people will get anxious if you communicate too early; 4) training will deliver change.
Storytelling is a key role for leaders. When we tell our story of change we can connect with people's values & emotions, beyond data, & create a spirit of transformation. Here's a helpful framework for creating your story of change.
Compassionate leadership: in what circumstances do we "call it in" & when should we "call it out"? Wise advice from Sylvia Duckworth.
For experienced change facilitators, it's about the different kinds of frameworks for systems change that we can use in our facilitation practice.
One positive trend we're seeing is different disciplines for change becoming more connected, e.g. improvement & learning, improvement & OD. At the heart of this is the development of learning systems so Helen's going to get some of these titles.
To sustain new ways of working in organisational change, we can apply principles from "neuroplasticity": 1) take away what's no longer wanted; 2) triggering; 3) make change easy; 4) use the power of the group; 5) make it attractive & valuable:


Beautifully presented, insightful job Solent NHS Trust has done in presenting the learning from #Covid19 response so far. It's a great example of a learning organisation in action. Have other organisations in health and care done something similar?

How to be a vaccine ally: tips for countering anti-vaxx information from CCDHate

Helen loves Sherrill Knezel graphics. Sherrill complied a set into a sketchbook. Watch the film & pause it at the ones that speak to you. Helen shared that her favourite was " When we truly listen to one another, we are made more by the story we share."


Hult Ashridge Executive Education is asking leaders to participate in their research study to understand what leaders experienced during the pandemic, how it has informed their leadership practice, & the skills they need for the future.

And finally...

Helen Bevan's cat Rolf is the University of Warwick campus cat and champion for student wellbeing. Helen posted a tweet for Rolf's 5th birthday this week and he was trending at the top of UK charts!