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Tweets of the Week, 20 November 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


Capturing and influencing the mood in virtual meetings is always an interesting challenge. Our colleague Sasha has been using an adaptation of "what three words" based on the great location app - it's working well so far. Give it a try and let us know what you think too.
Helen reated a "taxonomy of virtual events" to illustrate the different kinds of support/resources needed as sessions get more complex. A professional virtual conferencing group Maestro Conference took it & made something much better:
Helen shared that her favourite time when leading virtual workshops: Managing to get every single person from the big audience into a breakout room & hopefully having great conversations. A+ support from the tech team at #LeadersHealth20 & from her trusted colleague Bev.


Interested in spread, scale and adoption? Read more on emerging thinking here.

Leadership and Teams

This week, Helen presented at a workshop titled "Breaking down hierarchical barriers" at #LeadersHealth20, you can read the slidedeck here.
In the era of #Covid19, if we want a positive organisational culture where people can do their best work, we have to make sure that the culture is consistent across face to face & virtual working. Here's advice from recent @Gallup studies.
How can leaders enable learning & innovation during & beyond #Covid19? We can take action quickly around permission, protection & policies (to create the conditions) but changing the behaviours that lead to perfectionism will take longer.
Ten lessons from UK & US #Covid19 field hospitals for leaders everywhere that really resonated for Helen.
Across the world, organisational cultures are shifting as remote working takes hold. Team members make judgement calls about acceptable behaviours, leading to new norms. If leaders aren’t involved in these, they lose influence with their teams. Find out how to build and maintain a remote work culture.
Researchers say humour at work makes us better bosses & better team members. Humour's particularly important for remote working as it strengthens our workplace bonds. What are you doing to inject laughter into the life of your remotely-working team?
Do you want an activity to energise & connect your remote team? Why not have a virtual scavenger hunt? Here's a great set of step by step instructions from @SessionLab.  I think this could be adapted to be a virtual Christmas party activity for a remote team.


A fabulous article on organisational practices to improve the wellbeing of clinicians at work, based on evidence. The big themes are 1) organisational commitment; 2) workforce assessment; 3) leadership; 4) policy; 5) efficiency; 6) support
Gallup data shows that fully remote workers are now experiencing more burnout than on-site workers. Researchers suggest the #Covid19 pandemic might be the greatest threat to team connectedness ever seen. Here's an important call to action by Paul Bromford.
Several people Helen knows swear by Gabriele Oettingen's WOOP method for achieving their goals. It's simple but it's built on 20+ years of motivation research.

Change and Improvement 

Many thought leaders, researchers & practitioners influence Helen in her approach to large scale change. Greg Satell @digitaltonto is a big influence, particularly regarding tactics for change. He recently published "Ten principles for transformational change":
OD can be redefined as "humanity-in-action" with 9 core values: 1) awareness of self & system 2) learning & innovation 3) integrity 4) courageous leadership 5) trust/respect 6) diversity 7) collaboration 8) strategic practically 9) growth:
Here are the slides Helen used at #LeadersHealth20 for the workshop titled "Sustainable change at scale and pace: how do we create change that sticks and spreads?" .
The #Covid19 experience challenges our world-view around change. For many working in big systems, the predominant mindset was one of "complicated". Now, the aspects of change we see (uncertainty, emergence, unpredictability etc) shifts us towards "complex".

Two big shifts we see in thinking/practice of large scale change are 1) towards "dialogic" change - collaboration & dialogue as key change interventions & 2) a focus on complex systems. See these "principles of dialogic systems change" by We Are Co Creative


The Leadership for Personalised Care Programme launches next Wednesday, 25th November at 10am. Find out more here  and sign up here.

Social Influence

We get unstuck on social media if we...don’t take time to verify if information is true; don't consider enough facts before drawing conclusions; disregard facts that don't fit our beliefs (cognitive bias); outsource our critical thinking: Read more here.