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Tweets of the Week, 30 October 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


This week, our Chief People Officer Prerana Issar shared her Twitter account with three #OurNHSPeople as part of #BlackHistoryMonth. You can catch up on the take overs through these Twitter Moments: Day 1: Ollie Evans Mangwana; Day 2: Felicia Kwaku; Day 3: Kiren Collison
Thank you to everyone who joined the tweet chat last night (Thursday 29th), you can still join the conversation or browse the conversations by following the hashtags: #OurNHSPeople #BlackHistoryMonth


Yesterday was the third of six Finance Wellbeing sessions, the session focused on Mastering your Money and Create Healhty Habits. Don't worry if you missed it you can watch the recording here!

Remote working

How do we lead teams when people are working from home or virtually due to #COVID19? This new White Paper sets out how leaders can amplify behaviours needed for brilliant team working and outcomes when teams are dispersed.
Last month, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix called remote working/WFH a "pure negative".  This article shows both sides for the case for/against remote working. Worth a read.


We can choose how we go about change in organisations. We can a) start by drawing boxes on a whiteboard (not recommended) or b) communicate the context/problems to those affected & give them the space to solve those problems. The SCARF model helps with b).

"Rocking the boat" or "being disruptive", is not about creating havoc in the organisation. To be an effective disruptor you need to create allies from those who share your purpose, build relationships & always follow up on actions others trust you to take.

Leadership and Teams 

How to practice radical listening. We each have our own set of preconceived biases/stereotypes/perceptions based on our experiences. Radical listening leads to understanding beyond that experience. It's an important skill for leading change. Read here.
A fab sketchnote to go with the tweet above!
The largest global study on resilience (26,000 people), led to 10 "resilience statements" suggesting it's the combination of your own feelings, plus how your team leader & your senior leaders behave, that creates your overall sense of resilience.

How leaders can work with stories as a powerful lever for change. It's not just about storytelling. We can get insights through story listening & inspiration for change through story triggering. Online form for free paper:

Stanford University brought together a group of leaders who generate impact/change globally to view the future of leadership. The concept of the "sapient leader" emerged, based on authenticity, psychological safety, shared purpose & learning.

Currently, much of the coordinating activity of managers is about replicating pre-existing processes & methods but using digital tools. Result? Burnout. Management development should shift to digital-first & async working & work/life blend:


Twelve techniques to help us learn faster, understand & remember more of what we learn. When we're creating "learning systems", how can we build more of these kind of techniques in so we link individual learning with system learning?
This week Bev worked with Admiral Nurses on their leadership course:

If you’re interested in Leadership for personalised care check out this awesome opportunity to take part in this free online course, find out more below, sign up here.

Helen's Twitter connections are big fans of David Snowden. Dave & friends have just launched the first book on Cynefin & its multiple applications & contexts. Here's a free extract:

And finally... 

We probably laugh at different things in the era of #COVID19.