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Tweets of the Week, 18 September 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


This week the team helped launch a new animation on crowdsourcing as a powerful method for learning and improvement. It's only two minutes long and well worth the watch.  Leigh wrote a blog about it.


Our colleague Ian shared a photography challenge that he used to get creative during lockdown, which had a brilliant inspiring response! You can read the blog here.  Rita said the pictures had been a source of joy during lockdown, Steve and Hayley both shared that they loved reading and seeing the pictures too.

The Horizons team have been talking about how we maintain work boundaries and manage our energy. Our colleague, Claire shared the strategy she find most helpful: The END of uninspiring to-do lists.
What's your work/home boundary preference? I tweeted before about "integrators" (happy to blend work/home) & "segmenters" (want them separate). Now there's four categories. It's a good discussion topic to appreciate difference in virtual teams.
The first major study of remote working since #Covid19 hit shows that people who work from home are putting in longer hours, attending more meetings & boundaries between work & home time are blurred. 3,000,000 people took part in the study.
Many teams working virtually are adopting the practice of a "Zoom/Teams silent meeting" or "Zoom/Teams working session". It's a virtual session between co-workers with no agenda; often doing their own work in silence with others present in the background.

A reminder for us all: doing your best might look different each day, according to what’s happening that day. Try to not compare yourself to other days...or to other people. Graphic by Liz and Mollie.

Being kind to yourself and others is good for you: Zoe shared this lovely graphic. Are you being kind to yourself?

Exhausted? Tara Haelle suggests your ‘surge capacity’ may be depleted.  The pandemic is enduring, with the situation constantly shifting.  Ideas for living with indefinite uncertainty & finding ways to recharge, build a resilience ‘bank account’.

Helen shared that she is  reading an increasing number of articles on how leaders can support their teams to experience "post-traumatic growth" (PTG - increased wellbeing) as an outcome of #Covid19. It's about values-based leadership and attention to community.


This #mynamereallyis campaign is brilliant - it's sad anyone would feel they need to 'Westernise' their name to better 'fit in'. Let's help people celebrate their culture and origins and use their real name (should they want to!).

Leadership and Teams

Many organisations have "learning from #Covid19" projects. It's not just about what we've learnt/done differently (& want to keep doing) but about how we build our capability to keep learning. We need learning systems & learning organisations.

If  we repeatedly have the same conversation about the same problem, then it's possible that WE are the problem. It might be time to stand back & reflect on our patterns of behaviour. Pattern recognition makes room for new solutions.

Trust tends to be horizontal, organisations to be vertical. We're more likely to take action because of what peers do than because someone told us to. As leaders we should work with/through the informal system as much as the formal one.

Virtual Working

Shifting to remote working doesn't mean sitting in front of a laptop screen all day on Teams/Zoom meetings. Organisations with a more mature approach to virtual do much more of their work asynchronously. Our teams must learn to do this too.
Do you want to improve as a virtual/remote team? Free virtual team building & working resources from Hargraves Institute. Click here to download.


In the USA, The IHI  & 26 partner organisations have launched "A national action plan to advance patient safety". Read more here.
Congrats to Kaiser Permanente on becoming the first health system in the USA to achieve carbon neutral: Climate change is a public health crisis. Health & care creates 4-5% of the carbon footprint in England. If KP can do it, the NHS can do it too.

And Finally...

Helen shared some fantastic graphics from Liz and Mollie.