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Tweets of the Week, 10th July 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


This week's #Caring4NHSPeople virtual community event focused on recovery and learning from the Invictus Games Foundation. You can watch the recording, and read key highlights from the session in this thread

The next session will be held on Wednesday 12 August, 4pm to 5pm. The topic hasn't yet been decided - if you have any ideas please do get in touch with us at @HorizonsNHS.
Your experience of supporting NHS staff wellbeing matters enormously and we want to hear all about it so that staff wellbeing offers can be shaped accordingly. For more information about how you can help click here.


Resilience has become a dirty word: but it's about accepting that life will throw us challenges. We need to know what makes us tick and what to do to keep ourselves going. Sonya Wallbank shared a great graphic detailing 6 Dimensions of Resilience.

Helen shared gratitude for the support and perspectives from her twitter friends. There are many who, like Helen, feel driven to keep trying to do our very best work, at scale, in these difficult times. You know what? Good enough is good enough, especially during a pandemic.


The pandemic is a complex situation that requires a complexity leadership response. Learn from Mary Uhl Bien in this blog where Mary explains what should happen and contrasts it with the reality.

There's a lot of thinking going on about the kind of world we want as we emerge from the covid-19 pandemic. We must consider the type of leaders we need.

In addition, we are already learning from leadership roles and behaviours during covid-19. Why leadership humility is going to work a lot better than arrogance in the future.

Helen posted a Covid proverb challenge into a quote/proverb that reflects some of your learning or experience of the C-19 response & post it with the hashtag #CovidLearningQuote. Here's Helen's:

Diversity and Inclusion

Zoe shared one of her highlights on Twitter this week from Yvonne Coghill, 7 A's of Allyship.

A new campaign by Hexitime has just launched to support our BAME colleagues. Do you have skills you can offer? Find out more and sign up.


This week, hundreds joined the #EndPJparalysis global summit where more than 70 speakers shared their experience of tackling the negative effects of physical and psychological deconditioning during COVID-19. All the sessions were recorded and can be accessed here.


Addressing the conundrum of Microsoft Teams: MS Teams is enabling remote work through virtual meetings & information transfer AND MS Teams is building silos, reducing innovation/diversity of exchange at a time when new thinking is critical.

Leadership and Teams

The #covid19 response has seen many new & novel forms of teams & teaming. A recent article from Amy Edmondson & colleague that sets out some of the methodological challenges of studying teams as dynamic systems rather than static entities.

Much of the work by Horizons is helping to connect people & build community across organisations & systems, based on shared purpose. It reminds Helen of an Ethiopian proverb. The strands of silk in a single web are fragile but collectively they are world changing.
If you are taking time out as a leadership team to consider your learning & future approaches beyond the #Covid19 pandemic, here are four powerful questions to help your leadership "reset".Last week Helen posted a powerpoint slide she made of the REACH model for 'coaching with compassion'. The brilliant Tanmay Vora turned it into a blog and sketchnote, read the blog here.
Many health & care organisations have Quality Improvement (QI) teams that address quality issues. But what is the method for everything else? Leaders who have quality as  their leadership method apply QI principles to everything they do. What is your management method?A great opportunity for anyone going to do a quality improvement job in the NHS, it's usually best to do so in an organisation that already has a big commitment to & capability in QI. So this job at the Royal Free (Senior QI Advisor, 8b) is likely to be a good career choice.
Learning from the Upstream Collaborative by @CollaborateCIC & @Nesta_uk looks at ways of working which tackle the underlying causes of social challenges. Highly relevant to system leaders in health & care.

And Finally...

Last weekend saw the 72nd birthday of the NHS. Our Horizons colleague Helen Bevan shared a beautiful picture with her mum celebrating both of their 30 year service to our NHS.