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Tweets of the Week, 5th June 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


This week influenced many conversations about our BAME colleagues and working with purpose. Read our colleague Kathryn's reflections including a list of useful resources from BAME speakers and activists.
Read this thread by NHS England & Improvement's Chief People Officer Prerana Issar explaining her commitment to amplifying the voices of black colleagues.
It is not always easy to figure out how to respond, and how best to help. Have a read of this helpful list on How to Use Social Media to Become an Effective Ally, by Piyamedia.
We have to stand face to face with the inequality and injustice that BAME people are experiencing so acutely. Yet as white leaders we're sometimes frightened of saying the wrong thing so stay silent instead of leading inclusion ourselves, time to get over it.
10 actions that white people can take to promote racial justice in the workplace. Written in a different country & context (USA/private sector) but offers some good advice that those of us in the UK in public service can actively pursue.
An impactful graphic.
A really effective video that highlights the impact of privilege.


A new #TestingMethods2020 challenge has launched as we move towards winter #flu season. Potential testing kit solutions that include #Covid_19 viral detection into the wider respiratory virus and/or gastrointestinal virus testing regimes can be posted on the sourcing platform.


The #Caring4NHSPeople webinar this week focused on supporting working parents; you can watch the recording of the session here; you can also follow key highlights by reading the thread which was live tweeted during the session.

Next week's session will be about the wellbeing of leaders. Joining details are available here.


Resilience is the ability to grow and adapt following adversity. How can you build yours?
Every day can feel the same during Covid19 due to less structure and pace. For some people time is speeding up and for others its slowing down. How the pandemic is disrupting our internal clocks.
It is a tough time to be a manager right now. On one hand, your team's having a hard time or going though a difficult transition so you have to be a source of strength & stability. On the other hand, you have to role model being human.


In a post-covid world where there is far more virtual connectivity, the weakest link in the team is likely to be the leader. A big rethink is needed of what it means to manage and lead.

When we shift to virtual meetings, issues of power & privilege & HIPPOs (highest paid person's opinions) can dominate even more than we meet face to face. Some insightful advice on running virtual meetings in inclusive ways by aspirationtech.
A tip for leading a virtual meeting (where it is often harder for everyone to have a voice): create and use a "participation map" to gauge how often people will speak. Let people know you will be calling on them to ensure equitable participation.
A facilitator's role is different to, but complements a chair's role. The chair leads content/outcomes. The facilitator supports the meeting process. Our future, which has far more virtual meetings, needs many more skilled facilitators. Read more.
Virtual facilitation: For those who want to move on to more advanced practice (or see how virtual facilitation will look in the future), read this excellent blog series from Danny Carvajal. Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.
Who says  we can't hold amazing, thriving, creative, highly interactive virtual sessions for large groups of people? It's the new frontier.


Whilst on a webinar led by Greg Satell Helen reflected on applying social movement ideas to organisational change and an activity on the spectrum of allies. Don't waste energy arguing with opponents; create change with small groups of active allies. Find shared values across the spectrum.

Are you a director of improvement, QI &/or Transformation in the English NHS or partner organisation? We have set up a curated Twitter list and we want you to be on it! If you are an Improvement Director, please tweet @LizMaddocks to ask to be added to the list.Life after the pandemic...

In responding to covid19 we had learn so quickly, on so many fronts, that learning became part of doing. When we talk about "capturing our learning from Covid" now, how do we make it a continuous process, a learning culture, not a one-off?
What a wise quote for thinking about creating the future we want, post #Covid19: "Machines work on feed-back. Minds work on feed-forward. We don’t need thermostats; we need new compasses. There is no ‘back to normal’. Normal has not been waiting for us". From Dr Leandro Herrero.