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Tweets of the Week, 13th March 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


Some simple and clear tips from the World Health Organisation about protecting yourself and others from the Coronavirus (click on the picture below to watch the video).
We should all understand the importance of regularly washing our hands, Coronavirus or no. Here's a great sketchnote by Scriberia with some tips for good hand hygiene.
The key issue is protecting your community, so while you are very likely to recover from Coronavirus, others that you may unintentionally carry it to may not.
You might have heard the expression 'flatten the curve'; watch the explanation of what that means by clicking on the image below.
During the #AgeingWell Virtual Conference this week Dr Hayter asked us all to look out for those in our community who are vulnerable, to pop and see an elderly neighbour to check that they are okay.
A great video from Dr Amir Khan sharing tips for people with chronic long-term conditions to help protect themselves from Coronavirus. Click on the image below to watch.
Jason Killens (Chief Executive Welsh Ambulance service) is encouraging health care staff to #ReachForTheRazor - shave off their beards so personal protective equipment can be correctly fitted.

Virtual Collaboration

How Coronavirus is creating a watershed moment for remote work (& how once our people get used to connecting and working virtually, they won't want to go back to face to face/ physical spaces.)
Many meetings and conferences are moving online due to the Coronavirus. Dan Connors and Emma Dutton shared a wealth of useful tips about effective virtual communication.
There are many teams & individuals that will need to start working virtually/remotely from home. Don't underestimate the disruption; here is some advice on making the switch.
Many practical ideas in "Toward a new normal? Rethinking the place of face to face meetings in a challenged world: options & opportunities"
A comprehensive list of tips, tools, and examples for event organisers during the coronavirus outbreak.


This week the #AgeingWell team changed its planned face-to-face conference into a virtual meeting that the Horizons team helped facilitate.
People joined the virtual event from up and down the country!
One of the #AgeingWell virtual conference workshops explored appreciative inquiry to shape the vision for the improvement community.
Find out what happened during the rest of the virtual conference by following the thread.


This week Horizons hosted an #Improve4Patients tweet chat with Hugh McCaughey (National Improvement Director for England) about the new Improvement Framework.
Thank you to all that joined the #Improve4Patients tweet chat for sharing your reflections, ideas, and feedback. You can continue to provide feedback on the Improvement Framework here.


Midwifery Ambassadors Abbie and Emma are influencing #PerceptionsOfMidwifery at a Healthcare showcase - a key opportunity to engage with young people to see midwifery as a first choice career.
Midwifery Ambassadors at @BHRMidwife are running their #JoyAtWork 30 Day Challenge #MarvellousMarch - midwives across the service are enjoying the positive changes it is bringing #PerceptionsOfMidwifery.

Social Influence

A great sketchnote and blog on being social (online and offline) by Tanmay Vora.


It is important to remain productive, it can't all be about hard work - we'll burn out. We need to exercise, healthy eating, sleep & time to recharge.

Appreciation is needed at all levels. Even the most senior leaders in the NHS are highly motivated by praise and appreciation.

New research on people leadership says to improve the experience of our people, we should move from a focus on the "employee lifecycle" to focus on the thousands of micro-experience that define life at work.

What the team has been up to 

Our colleague Kathryn hosted a workshop on public narrative this week.
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Making Change Happen

Organisational/system transformation is more about what happens on the ground than in the boardroom. You do not need a grand strategy to achieve organisational change.
A group of female surgeons have started an initiative to stop them being mistaken for non-surgical staff.  Read more.

Leadership & Teams

How do we manage mavericks in organisations? How to get the best out of people who think and act in a different league/dimension to everyone else, whilst keeping the rest of the team on board.
In health and care, we are moving towards "system by default", which means we assume collaboration across the health system rather than being siloed in organisations.