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Tweets of the Week, 6th March 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


How can we embed an improvement-focused approach and culture in health and care in England? We hope you can join Hugh McCaughey for a tweet chat next Tuesday 10th March at 7pm. Watch Hugh talking about the tweet chat in this video; see the questions that will be asked during the chat; and if you have never joined a tweet chat before, here are some tips that we hope will help you join in.


In these current circumstances we need virtual meetings more than ever. Here is a useful guide.

Last week the Horizons team ran a Virtual Away Day for the NHS England Improvement Directorate. Read Olly's post about how we did it, and how you can run your own virtual sessions.

We can use the current restrictions on conferences and mass meetings to switch to virtual meetings and events. Here's an example of virtual brainstorming from The Grove Consultants and Mural.


On Tuesday 10th March Horizons will be facilitating the first Community Services and Ageing Well Virtual Conference. Come and join us at 12pm via this link.

Inclusion & Diversity 

Our colleague Zarah shared her dad's story travelling from Mauritius to the UK to join the NHS.
This month is #WomensHistoryMonth; our colleague Kathryn was invited by the Jo Cox Foundation to speak about how Jo's legacy inspires her work in the NHS. You can watch the video here.
Are companies genuinely pursuing inclusion & diversity or is it the new 'greenwash? Read the post.
We can enable truly inclusive culture through action across the organisation and by every leader. Access the Infographic & Free eBook.


There are lots of misconceptions about the Coronavirus - watch this video by Dr Amir Khan for a range of facts. 

If we want to live our best lives we need to think about three different levels: macro, meso and micro.

Reasons why people give up has been doing the rounds on Twitter. So George Couros decided to produce one on why people keep going.How to politely leave a WhatsApp group, and other social media conundrums. Even in our online behaviours, we can still be kind.


On Wednesday morning Craig Hayden and Katy Evans from North West Ambulance presented a very informative #ProjectA Improvement Zoom on suicide prevention initiatives. If you missed the session, You can watch the recording here.


On Thursday 5th March Helen Bevan, Hanna Zafar and Bev Matthews facilitated two packed workshops including nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) from Newcastle Hospitals as they shape their strategy for their future and for the people in their care. More than 400 participants contributed.
Using Transformation Cards, participants were asked to share their stories of their past, present and future working at Newcastle Hospitals.
Using Past and Future templates the nurses, midwives and AHPs used creative visualisation to share their hopes and ambitions.
Using, the nurses, midwives and AHPs were able to show their individual and collective aspirations for working in Newcastle Hospitals.
Bringing the ideas into action was a key part of each session so participants were invited to work in their three professional groups to action plan.


This week the team facilitated a Bridging Leaders workshop for colleagues in NHS England and NHS Improvement; find out what happened by following this thread by Kenny Gibson.
Our inner world is the most powerful route to changing what we seek around us. We can achieve complex objectives through indirect means.

Risk management can increase risk. Our risk mindset is based on "complicated" when our systems are "complex" says Steve Denning and Sonja Blignauht.

Research based advice for leaders on how to build a growth mindset.

Resources and Learning

Helen shared a fantastic free tool kit to help teams work together better.
Helen shared the monthly Quality Improvement Evidence Update from our friends in South West England.
An amazing free tool kit for engaging citizens in change.