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Tweets of the Week, 28th February 2020

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


The team was proud to help the NHS England and Improvement's Improvement Directorate's virtual away day this week. The away day was run completely online so colleagues could take part from wherever they were. There were a range of breakout sessions with colleagues from across the directorate sharing their work; participants had the opportunity to interact during the sessions.
Hugh McCaughey our National Director of Improvement shared his reflections after a busy, energising day.

Chris shared how the away day shows how the directorate is growing and exciting things are being built to support colleagues across the NHS.

Thank you for the feedback, Sue!
Hugh sent his thanks to all those who helped make the Improvement Directorate virtual away day a success.


You're welcome to join the next #ProjectA virtual improvement session  on Wednesday 4th March at 10:00am on the very important subject of Suicide Prevention. The session will be presented by Craig Hayden from North West Ambulance. Please contact Lynsey for joining details.


On Thursday some of the #PerceptionsOfMidwifery Ambassadors came together in Birmingham to shape their March 30 Day Challenge: to visit a school and inspire young people to consider midwifery as a first choice career option. To find out more about what happened during the day follow Bev's thread.

Chief Midwifery Officer Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent poses with Midwifery Ambassador Samira, and a 'Midwife of the Future' mini uniform.

"A smile can change someone's day."
Claire Mathews, Deputy Head of Maternity and Safeguarding clinical lead reflected on a motivating event.


There are still places left for the Community Services and Ageing Well Improvement Community Event on the 10th March at the Kia Oval, London. Secure your place by registering now.

Change and Improvement

Helen shared her thoughts on creating new language for improvement. Simon Terry explains why this is actually a weak form of change and actions matter more.
What makes a good strategy? Here's a framework from the perspective of a system, rather than just an organisation.
"Culture change" projects can absorb much time, energy and resources without delivering the desired or hoped for outcomes. This research paper offers dos and don'ts of trying to change culture.
How to create the perfect agenda: rather than a laundry list, frame agendas as a set of questions to answer. The most compelling questions first and the involvement of all staff.


Senior leaders don't always invest sufficient time/energy in sharing vision and direction with mid-level leaders. Here are some ideas on how good leaders share their vision and inspire action.
Research with hundreds of leaders worldwide uncovered seven core tensions between "traditional" and "emerging" leadership: it is important that leaders learn to work with both.

What the team has been up to 

During our team day this week Bev and Zarah facilitated a conversation on challenging discrimination after having listened to Prerana Issar speak about her experience at the #NHSAssembly.
This week Helen has been in Sweden for the Jönköping microsystem festival; she shared the slide deck from the keynote speech by Göran Henriks.
Helen also ran a workshop with Göran Henriks on patients and professionals as transformers in a digi-physical health and care world.
Helen shared some amazing connections she's made at the festival including Lisa Thompson-Cox and Liz Fletcher of the Move More for Mental Health project in Sheffield, England.
Helen listened to Kiku Pukk Härenstam, a dynamic paediatrician and clinical leader from Stockholm speak about what we can learn from simulation and gaming to support safety in healthcare.