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Get involved in the regional Leadership for Personalised Care programme!

If you completed the School for Change Agents in summer 2019 you may remember our final live module on Leadership for Personalised Care where we heard from Catherine Wilton, Dame Phillipa Russel and John Evans OBE. Catherine's team, Leadership for Personalised Care, is now bringing you another fantastic opportunity which will give you the opportunity to make change locally. 

The Personalised Care Group and the NHS Leadership Academy are delighted to announce a series of regional leadership programmes to support the rollout of Personalised Care. The programmes are for those who want to meet the new challenge of making personalised care a reality in the NHS as set out in the Long Term Plan, to ensure that services are planned and delivered based on ‘what matters’ to people, to develop expertise in partnership working across boundaries and co-production with people and communities and do more to build community capacity.

It will suit you if you are wanting to build better relationships with the communities you serve and to work together with others to ensure that personalised care becomes part of the DNA of the NHS.

Who is this programme for?

This is a team offer, so you need 3 to 6 people from your ‘place’ who can commit to all three days. A 'place' can be a Primary Care Network (PCN) or neighbourhood, a CCG or town/city, or some other geographical place that makes sense for you and your local community.

There has been a slight change in this programme structure: There is no longer a requirement to bring a whole team (although this is still preferable).

Who should make up my team?

Teams must be diverse and not just drawn from the NHS – ideally including someone with lived experience, someone from the voluntary sector and someone from social care/the local authority in addition to NHS sta­ff. The programme would suit senior voluntary leaders, Directors and Heads of Transformation, Integration, Personalised Care, Finance or Medical Directors in CCGs, hospital trusts, PCNs or senior council leaders, including councillors.

Regional programme dates: 

London: 26th February, 4th March, 8th April, more info

Midlands: 18th February, 24th March, 21st April, more info.

South East: 20th February, 11th March, 23rd April, more info.

North West: 10th March, 31st March, 22nd April, more info.

South West: 3rd March, 26th March, 28th April, more info

The North East and Eastern Region programmes will take place next financial year.

If you have any questions please email me on

“Making personalised care happen calls for new types of leaders who can work across organisational boundaries, make connections and bring staff, people and communities together to drive change.” Catherine Wilton, Deputy Director Personalised Care (Leadership Development)