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Tweets of the Week, 29th November 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

The School for Change Agents

In week 4 of The School for Change Agents Oliver Evans shares his story of moving from being a 'lone wolf' to mobilising/working with others to create change. Want to make change happen too? Sign up for The School for Change Agents.
Kulvir is really enjoying the School and ranks it as one of his personal top 5 FutureLearn courses.
Gill got up at 5am to start week 4 - great commitment!
Jennie is thankful for the learning opportunity provided by School. You can read the reflection for week three here.

Old Power and New Power 

Helen shared her view about the BMJ article co-authored by Kathryn Perera.
Reactions to the BMJ cover article co-authored by Kathryn, Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans. You can find the article here.
Rajesh shared the importance of sharing more relatable information.
In order to make sustainable changes in health and care, we must value the patient voice and give credibility to patient experience. Read the article.
Understand that your employees are the strongest voice of your organisation on social media. INSEAD Knowledge research backs this up, click here to read.
The digital change agents manifesto has been updated, you can find it here.


On Thursday, Ian was discussing working in NHS complex systems; he shared a wonderful sketchnote by Graham Ogilvie.As change agents we should pay more attention to "arrival fallacy". We must think beyond the goals and build a plan to survive victory. Read the article.

Leadership and Teams

"Good leaders make good doctors. Most people think of doctors as scientists, caregivers or educators. But we must also understand doctors as leaders". Click here to read.
Research report on three kinds of leadership intelligence. We need the gifts of all three, click here to find out more.There is a growing global movement led by Professor Gary Hamel to humanise organisations, he calls the approach "humanocracy".
Some powerful principles for designing and running a workshop: treat participants as contributors, not consumers of information. Read more here.
Why the existence of "learning styles" (kinesthetic, visual, audio, social etc) is a myth. Read more here.Powerful diagram showing how randomised coffee trials (RCTs) can enable people to connect across an organisation. You can read a blog about it here.
When we have friends at work, we perform better and are happier in our jobs. So how does this happen when work relationships are increasingly virtual and distant? Read more here.


Do you experience imposter syndrome - the feeling everyone else knows everything and you're just waiting to be found out? You can find out your own score here.Often we do what our brain & body needs us to do only when we have no choice - ie we get ill. Here is a great sketch note about checking our batteries to keep ourselves well wherever possible.

Keep your business/organisation healthy with these 5 steps.


Huge congratulations to Darren Early from the North West Ambulance Service who has shortlisted for the Clinical Practitioner of the Year 2019. Darren, along with Gill Drummond, was also a runner-up at the Sir Peter Carr Awards earlier this month for their BASIC STEP tool supporting people with mental ill health.
Great to see Ian and Sasha Johnston sharing information about #ProjectA and why staff wellbeing is the most popular theme.

What the team has been up to

On Monday, we had a Horizons team Accelerated Design Event (ADE). It was very powerful to apply our methodologies to ourselves.
Today (Friday) Bev is facilitating the Autumn conference for Mental Health and Learning Disability Forum.
On Wednesday, Helen was at the kick off meeting for the Host Country Advisory Committee for the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

And finally...

A video from London Fire Service about focusing while driving - keep yourself and others safe.