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Tweets of the Week, 15th November 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the blue text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

The School for Change Agents

Week two of The School for Change Agents is about resilience. Joanne shared her excitement of watching Helen speak about resilience, after a challenging day as a change agent.

Amy shared that the School has been amazing in equipping her toolbox for the challenges that lie ahead. She also shared a wonderful sketchnote by @lung_live4eva about rocking the boat without falling out.

If you haven't signed up for The School for Change Agents yet, there's still time! There's also more information about what to expect during week two in this blog post.

What the team has been up to

On Wednesday, Leigh was at the Q community event. You can read her reflections on the day and how #S4CA can help you create top down AND bottom up change in this blog.

You can find out more about what happened on the day by reading this thread.
Zoe thanked Penny Pereira for sharing her personal story at the Q Event. Zoe has written a blog about the power of sharing personal stories.
Diane also shared one of her big take always of the day, hearing from Maxine Power on complexity and understanding how important it is for #nhsspread.
On Wednesday Kathryn presented at the @NHSEngland sponsored event focused on tackling long lengths of stay. She spoke about #newpower #endpjparalysis and used work developed by Diane Ketley on how to convene rather "manage" the spread of change initiatives. With Pete Gordon, Liz Sargeant and Jyothi Nippani.
@CommunicateConf invited Kathryn to lead a discussion on Tuesday about the links between #NewPower, health and movements to protect our environment. Several hundred Communications and Engagement Leads attended in person and virtually across the Conference. With @ZionTree, @BGreenCapital, @Beth_Askham and hosts @BristolZooGdns #communicate19
Language matters: Bev shared this paper by NHS England about language and diabetes.


Congratulations to #ProjectA participants and advocates Darren Earley and Gill Drummond who were runners up in the Sir Peter Carr Partnership Awards. Gillian and Darren were recognised for their great work with the Mental Health Basic Steps Tool.

It is wonderful to see the hard work of Ambulance QI leads recognised at the Q Exchange this week. Forming their own network is coming to fruition; Ian is delighted that we have supported and helped connect many of them through #ProjectA , and he is looking forward to seeing where they go next. Jonathan Turnbull Ross led the application process on behalf of #AmbulanceQ.

Maxine Power North West Ambulance Director of Quality, Innovation and Improvement will be presenting as part of the #ProjectA Improvement Zooms. The session will take place at 4pm on Tuesday 19th November. Email for further information.
Ian presented a keynote at the Scottish Ambulance Service Quality Improvement Event; he felt very happy with the number of connections made on the day thanks to great organisation by Lee Davis and so many other #ProjectA connections - Darlene Tough, Nathan, Dave Morgan, Andrew Parker,Ben Watson. The participants showcased some amazing QI work from across the whole of Scotland - Ian said it was quite humbling just to be there and take part.
Ian and Lynsey met Project Lift at the SAS QI Conference on Monday and felt a common sense of purpose between Project Lift and #ProjectA.
On Thursday, we held our first virtual meeting to plan celebrations for the achievements of #ProjectA and recognise the work of our ambulance colleagues for the festive season. Lynsey is very excited for the next steps ft Ian Baines, Leigh Kendall, Dave Morgan, Oliver Evans,Jaqui Lindridge & Andrew Parker.


Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by misunderstanding. Always assume they have the best intentions, click here for an informative video about Hanlon's Razor.

We all stuff up sometimes and need to say sorry. Make your apology genuine by following these tips shared by Leigh. Thank you Scriberia for the amazing sketchnote.


In our tweetchat on NHS teams, NHS staff said they were in multiple teams and not a single one (read the tweet chat report). Yet research shows 75% of cross-functional teams fail as "silos perpetuate themselves". Click here for a great article on team development in a virtual age.

In organisational design, 150 is a magic number. It is the maximum number of people who work together in coherent, engaged & trusting ways. Read the paper by Jeppe Hansgaard.

Zoe likes this graphic showing the lifestyle of a sustainable network - moving from building initial connections through to network science strategy. TY @VNetworkLabs

Find out more about new kinds of employee experiences in this white paper from KPMG.


Helen shared a new blog by John Atki about why we need to shift our approach to big problems from seeking linear solutions to embracing systems change. You can read it here.

Many leaders strongly support diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace but are fearful about messing up and saying the wrong things. Here is a new article by the Harvard Business Review with practical advice for readers.

A study looked at how 5,000 managers developed their teams. Least effective were "always on" managers who give lots of feedback (counterproductive). Most effective were "connector" managers who help people build relationships/connections. You can read more here.