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Sign up for The School for Change Agents - Autumn 2019

Would you like to develop the skills to make a difference and create change in your organisation?

Sign up for The School for Change Agents! The autumn 2019 session starts on Monday 4 November, and will run for six weeks.

On the course, you will build the skills, confidence, and supportive community needed to create change in an evolving environment.

You will learn how to become a change agent by generating new ideas, pushing the boundaries, and leading others to do the same in your organisation. You will understand what drives you to create change, how to take action, and how to improve your approaches based on feedback.

By completing this course, you will discover your potential to make a difference with a community of like-minded individuals.

The autumn session is based on the webinar series that ran in May and June 2019, with some additional content provided by our partner organisations in North America. 

We know that life and work often gets in the way, so if you missed the chance to become a Certificated Change Agent earlier in the year you've got another opportunity!

As with the spring School sessions, a new module will be launched on FutureLearn every Monday during the duration of the course. There will be interactive content, including videos to watch, case studies to consider, and articles to read. All of the content is aimed at helping you understand how to create change, and to inspire you to create change in your own organisation.

A slight difference with the autumn run of School is that there won't be live sessions each week. Never fear though, there's loads of opportunity on FutureLearn to have conversations with fellow change agents; discuss your learning; and make friends. And of course, you can chat with the community via Twitter - @Sch4Change #S4CA and in the Facebook group.

Hundreds of people have already signed up, and there's lively conversation already taking place on FutureLearn with change agents introducing themselves and sharing what they are looking forward to learning.

The School for Change Agents is free to join and to take part in. If you'd like to become a Certificated Change Agent, there is a nominal fee of £32 payable via FutureLearn. The upgrade also means you'll have unlimited access to the wealth of resources from the course.

We look forward to welcoming new change agents to our supportive, inclusive global community! 

If you've completed The School for Change Agents in the past and benefited from it, please do encourage colleagues and friends to sign up!