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Tweets of the Week, 18th October 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


This week the team facilitated the inaugural Ageing Well virtual forum. It was a brilliant engaging session - follow the thread to see what was discussed, and how you can get involved in improving health and care for older people.
Joining the #AgeingWell Improvement community is a "fantastic opportunity for anyone who cares about improving community services for older people" said Kate Jackson. Our 30 Day Challenge gives you a series of activities to get involved in, read more about how to get involved here.


Earlier this week it was #AHPsDay (AHPs are Allied Health Professionals); Kate Jackson shared her personal story about her AHP journey and how she dared to lead.

#ProjectA (Improving Ambulance Services)

Ian and Andrew Parker (Clinical Governance Manager Scottish Ambulance) presented a brilliant session this week about the facilitation techniques of Landscapes of the Mind, and an update on Ambulance Q.

Leigh is looking forward to talking about how colleagues across the ambulance service can benefit, learn and share from one another from effective use of social media as part of the #ProjectA series of virtual improvement talks on 21 November at 10am. 

There's more information about Leigh's talk, as well as the upcoming talk taking place next week, 23rd October at 10:00am with Steve Clarke from the Welsh Ambulance Service who will be talking about the mental health response in Wales in this post (as well as how you can access recordings of the talks that have already taken place).

#TeamCNO - Nursing

On Thursday, Bev, Zarah and Kathryn met with participants in the Design Thinkers Academy bootcamp, to judge their responses to our Nursing Now challenge. There were some fabulous ideas for how to improve perceptions of nursing among 15-17 year olds, and promote it as a career of choice. Well done to everyone involved!

The School for Change Agents

Olly and Kathryn spent Thursday morning with health and care leaders from across the world who are using the Future Learn platform to deliver online learning. We’re readying to take the School for Change Agents to the next level...! #S4CA

...And don't forget The School for Change Agents re-run starts on the 4th November! Be part of a strong global community creating the boldest and most innovative ideas in health and care. Sign up now!


Wednesday was Fab Change Day 2019. Every one one of us has got the power to change things; small actions can add up to make a big difference. You can watch a video on what Fab Change means by clicking here. #FabChange19

As change agents, we spend our lives in what is often an uphill battle, trying to make things that matter to us happen. Then one small action can spark off huge, positive changes. Great sketchnote by Sherrill Knezel.
Helen shared her appreciation of the link between relationships and change. Read more.
Helen shared that if we want improvement to flourish, we must create the organisational climate and conditions where people are encouraged and supported to try new things.
A strong sense of purpose can unleash big improvements in performance, but only if it is authentic, inspiring & embedded throughout the organisation. For more information click here.Networks like Proud2bOps are the future; driven by activists, self organising, well-led, effective and impactful. Long may #Proud2bOps flourish as a powerful source of support to hundreds of operational leaders.

What the team has been up to 

On Monday, Helen spoke at the ELFT Therapies conference. ELFT is doing pioneering work in integrating services around the needs of service users. Helen was blown away by their people participation team and the volunteers she met. Every recruitment panel for new employees has service users on it so the people who get jobs are those that patients want care from.
Leigh, Sasha, Ian, and Lynsey, along with Dan and Jordan from the ambulance service had very productive conversations preparing for a session at the International Forum on Quality and Safety next year. We'll be asking for the community's thoughts over the coming months - watch this space!


The HR function needs reinventing says KPMG. The skills/roles needed for the future include: 1) Workforce Shaper; 2) Employee Experience Scientist; 3) People Robotics Capability Manager; 4) Behavioural Scientist; 5) Data Scientist & 6) Culture Integrator. Read more here.
Research by Jochen Menges suggests that if we want people in our organisations to thrive and be happy, we not only need emotionally intelligent leaders, but we also need "emotionally intelligent organisations" at a system/structural level. Click here to read more.
We want future workplaces with a continuous learning culture; Julie Woodard describes this as from 'taught' to 'sought'. Her graphic is for schools but fits with workplaces too.


"Leadership is not a theory to be taught – it is a practice which must be learned and appreciated through the experience of ‘leading’."  From Andy Radka on why leadership development is broken, read more here.

Learning to be awesome at everything you do - including being a leader & being awesome on Twitter (Helen added the last point). Sketchnote by Rob Dimeo.

"Ten things fab leaders do". Co-produced with a diverse group of leaders from the first Fab Change day. 

People on Twitter are highly polarised when it comes to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Some think it's the best assessment tool they use & others dismiss it as "astrology for people who don't believe in astrology". John Antonakis is in the "anti" camp, read more here.Some leaders create antagonistic relationships with people who work for them and there are often consequences. This person must have hated his boss a lot to make this much effort to get vengeance/even/ satisfaction.


Great sketchnote about stressors by Kristin Wiens covering biological and physiological domains.

And Finally...

A lovely share from Horizons team member Rosie, to put a smile on our faces!