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Tweets of the Week, 20th September 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

Change Agency

The first rule of change agency is that you cannot be a change agent on your own! To stay resilient, we must connect with others.

Helen has been thinking about how creating safe spaces is a key role for change agents.

Helen recommended this read by @Farnamstreet for anyone involved in decision making for change. It describes powerful general thinking concepts and 109 mental models that can help make better decisions; click here for more information.


Trust is a topic that has regularly featured in the #OurNHSPeople tweet chats. As this post by @Haypsych describes, a high-trust environment encourages the sharing of knowledge and information between teams, breaking down silos - and enabling 'teaming'. In case you missed it, here's the report from that tweet chat.

How to create employee experiences that drive productivity - this sketchnote created by Scriberia resonates with findings from the #OurNHSPeople tweet chats.

The new NHS People Plan will include a core offer to all staff, seeking to make the NHS the best place to work. How do we operationalise kindness/ support at scale? @Charlie_Psych discusses "humanising the machinery of care" in this article.

Helen shared her thoughts on socialising and performance. The greatest changes happen through informal conversations in the tea room or corridor.

Helen was thinking about the structure of organisations. Are they formal structures, or a place where people can connect widely?


The success of culture change initiatives is directly linked to the behaviours of CEOs and other senior leaders. One of the costliest mistakes in leading such change is for leaders to ask something of their people and not do it themselves. Read more here.
You can download Vanderbilt University's tool for turning strategic priorities into deliverable change for free by clicking here. This might be useful for leadership teams thinking about strategy implementation.

Innovation and Improvement

Helen has been thinking about future management systems/operating models. We need to ensure operational excellence and value radical new thinking and diversity.
Helen has been thinking about where breakthrough ideas come from.

Helen shared that she has been thinking about the importance of leverage points, places we can intervene in a small way that results in a big impact on the whole system.

Helen's dad was a sail maker, highly skilled in his craft.  His skill much like others has largely died out as a processes have become more mechanised. Now we're returning to the era of the craft person, click here to read more.
The Harvard Business Review has a new article on how healthcare systems are meeting the challenge of the climate change emergency. They want organisations to tweet them at @HarvardBiz to explain what they are doing. Click here to read more.


Erin Payne QI Lead for Yorkshire Ambulance Service presented a great #ProjectA zoom session on Monday morning about the service's QI Fellowship. The session was well-received, with Graham Nigel Heal commenting that it's an amazing model for scale and spread of quality improvement.
The next #ProjectA tweet chat is taking place on Thursday 26th September. Our focus is how we can ensure all staff feel they can contribute to improvement. We look forward to you joining us. In case you missed it, here's the report from the first chat, that took place on 14 August.
Ian spent some time 'connecting the system to itself' this week by joining the NHSE/I "model ambulance" team's ambassador's Skype call. A number of the #ProjectA/ambulance QI leads also joined the call including Andrew Proctor(West Mids),Dan Relavic (East) and David Morgan (North East). They were all interested to see how the data from the model ambulance portal could be transposed into the work of QI leads.
This week Ian has been having some coaching from Inner Skills about the use of 'Landscapes of the Mind' as a tool/model for improvement interventions. He has managed to find some willing volunteers (over Twitter and now further) to help him test the model in a group facilitated discussion. He is also excited to see how it can be translated into the Virtual Facilitation space by working with Horizon' colleague, Pardeep.

Ageing Well Programme

Next week is the #AgeingWell Accelerated Design Event where Horizons will be working with the Ageing Well team to develop their shared purpose and co-create communities of practice.

What the team has been up to

Zoe will be co-facilitating the Midlands #LiberatingStructures user group on 22nd November - it's a free event in the Midlands with a health and care focus. If you'd like to come, learn and share, register here.
Bev and Claire joined midwives at their annual Professional Midwifery Advocates Conference, sharing thoughts on midwives as superconnectors and using to connect the delegates within the room.
During the Horizons team huddle we shared our plans for #GivingTuesday on the 3rd December.


Helen led a workshop on Wednesday about the fundamentals of quality improvement with Goran Henriks at #Quality2019. To view the slidedeck, click here.
A key message from the talk was that if we want system change on a big scale, we need a new role of "convener". Conveners act as an interface between innovation and 'usual business', creating an adaptive environment for change to spread.
Helen's talk was highly interactive, involving the 1,300 people in the audience!
Helen also listened to a great talk by Bill Hall who shared perspectives on ageing well from his experience of being based in Japan.


We all have a finite amount of energy and time... for your wellbeing it’s useful to be conscious of what you are giving your time and energy to ...think about what’s helpful, what you can and can’t control.

Amazing sketchnote by @HelReynolds showing the inner critic at the door, and instead welcoming and making lots of space for your inner fan club!

Social Media

How deal with hate on social media: while it might feel tempting to engage trolls in debate, it's best to ignore them. This post explains why you shouldn't feed the trolls. Helen shared a tweet about the same report.