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Tweets of the Week, 23 August 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

Innovation and Change 

How do we identify the most effective change ambassadors in our organisations? Jeppe Hansgaard who does really interesting work on change, based on data (organisational network analysis) says there are three potential methods but only one works well. Click here to read.
Leigh, Helen, and Bev took part in a tweet chat run by @gsqia about change agency at work. There was lots of great discussion by people who have completed The School for Change Agents about what they learnt during the course, and how they are putting their learning in to action. Thank you @gsqia for hosting the chat!
Bev shared the work she has been doing to unleash the brilliance of nurses:
Helen has been thinking about the term "empowerment" and what this means for staff. Read more here.
In health & care we want robust systems: that are reliable, efficient & safe for our patients. There are many myths about how to make a system robust. Here's a list from @caseyrosenthal. Many of the things on the list are what we do everyday in our sector; read more.
In the NHS, toolkits are our key method for documenting & spreading good practice in quality improvement. Yet we don't if/why toolkits actually work because we haven't studied their effectiveness for spread. Important research questions are below.
Helen has been thinking about the anatomy and physiology of change in health and care.
Helen has been thinking about the movement of large scale change.
Helen has been thinking about the importance of reflecting on oneself as a leader.


David Morgan stepped up to do the first improvement zoom for #ProjectA. Ian is proud of the fact that people are now coming forward to share the good work that they do but also crucially are sharing it confidently through virtual means. Thank you to the 40 people who attended; there was great feedback by Clare. Coming up during September there's Anna Parry from AACE talking about staff wellbeing, and Erin Payne from YAS about their QI fellowship. For more information please keep an eye on @HorizonsNHS #ProjectA.
One of the commitments from the event about ambulance staff wellbeing that was held in February was to get a pledge signed by every UK ambulance service CEO. This was undertaken and published by AACE. It's lovely to see it come to fruition, and the ongoing commitments to PTSD research, Schwartz Rounds and individual care. Thank you to Anna Parry for her help and support. Click here to read more.
The improvement debate has been picked up by many in the Ambulance service.


The nurse's guide to innovation": Download this great new book from the USA for free onto your Kindle Unlimited on UK Amazon, click here.

Bev will be joining the nursing directorate Poole Hospital on their organisational celebration day on in September.


Helen has been thinking about personal productivity and how sometimes the biggest breakthrough happens when you least expect it.

Talking about mental ill health openly is needed - as well as gaining support for yourself, it can help others who are struggling to know they're not alone. Be human, be open as you'd like, and don't apologise.

Rebecca has been sketchnoting since she was inspired by the beautiful works of arts which Leigh produces for the Horizons Team, especially the School for Change Agents. She has shared her latest sketchnote which explores appreciative inquiry.

Helen has been thinking about the impact of fear in organisations.

Claire and Ian responded to the challenge thrown down by Bev and #NursesActive:

Ian felt compelled to go swimming after seeing Claire's response!


The smart side of employee rewards and recognition: a new sketchnote. In the public sector, we think we do rewards differently but the principles are identical. A call for more personalisation/flexibility/ whole picture for our staff! Read more here.
Helen has been thinking about ways to create more spaces to learn informally with peers.
Where is your organisation in its journey of organisational development? Digital transformation & learning cultures are inextricably linked: they need new business models, new ways of working in new organisational designs.And Finally...
One of our team members Zarah has been accepted to the NHS Leadership Academy's BAME stepping up programme! Congratulations Zarah!