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Tweets of the Week, 19th July 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


A huge thank you to everyone who joined in the second #Improve4Patients tweet chat with Hugh McCaughey (@HughMcCaughey) and shared their thoughts on skills needed for improvement. You can read the report about this tweet chat here.


"The only way they will receive a Queen's honour is if someone nominates them." If you think someone should be recognised for their achievements in public life, you can nominate them for an award here.

Inspiring young people to consider becoming a#FutureNurse is at the heart of #WeAreTheNHS campaign. Students at the Windsor Girls school have been checking out the route into Nursing. For more resources, click here.

Our colleague Bev held an session about being a social leader with nursing, midwifery and AHP leaders at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust. This is the link to the full slide deck.

Return to practice courses are an essential part of delivering the NHS People Plan, Bev was at Birmingham City University to review the current curriculum today. 

Know what's going on is essential, especially when a elderly loved one is in hospital. Lynne Winstanley (@LynneWinstanley) shares her idea of a patient and family communication book by the bedside. 


Dave Morgan reflects on his speech at the ProjectA Accelerated Design Event. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Reflections on the NW Ambulance Visit for the mental health basic step tool.

Have a read of Ian's reflections on the basic step tool, in his blog. Ian had a great day hearing about Darren Earley's (@DarrenearleyS) approach to supporting mental health response for paramedics (based on human interaction and compassion).  Click here to read.

Association of Ambulance Chief Executives shared the latest addition of additional ideas in the 'Directory of Good Ideas'  -  Have a look at the directory here.

What the team have been up too

It's the 50th anniversary of the moon landings this week, in this post Diane (@DianeKetley) focuses on a different type of space. Thinking about space in which ideas and innovations adapt and spread in healthcare. Click here to read.

There's amazing work happening in the NHS in Wales - and we were a small part of this week when @KathrynPerera spoke on #newpower at the Amplify 2025 Conference in Cardiff.

Great to hear some of the feedback received.

Kathryn spoke with historian Dan Snow and an audience of students at the British Academy's Summer Showcase, on why the #NHS really is the best place to work. Pictures here.


Interesting reflection, particularly around thinking about how ideas and innovations spread (or don't). 

Horizons notes this week's report from NESTA calling for more investment to understand and spread innovation in health. To read more, click here.


Many leaders want to give more freedom & power to their front line teams & unleash them from bureaucracy. But the leaders fear chaos/danger/lack of control. Here's a great article on how to give your team just the right amount of autonomy, click here.

10 things that cost nothing to a manager. 

What a great sketch note on "rethinking power needs". It was created by Kristin (@kwiens62 ) who is an educator but it strikes me that many of these principles on giving power to young people also apply to leaders supporting their team members to be powerful. "No one wins a power struggle".

Ron Heifetz is a thought leader for health & care leaders through his work on adaptive leadership. Here's a recently posted video where he talks about leadership as a practice not a position of authority, Everyone can act as a leader. Read more here.

Our world needs more diversity, dissent & divergence but often when leaders ask for challenge, they don’t realise their minds are saying "don’t do it, conform, it is less risk, less anxiety, it’s survival." Challenging the status quo. Read more here.

Design thinkers have been using empathy interviews for years. We're starting to understand their power in health & care. If we used them more often we would, e.g. better understand the nature of "demand" for our services & improve more. Read more here.

Trust is a massive issue for leaders. The level of trust that stakeholders have in a leader significantly affects organisational performance. We need trusting relationships with employees, service users, other leaders in the system. Read more here.

As leaders, we need IQ & EQ but we also need DQ - decency quotient. DQ means showing empathy & compassion for our patients, teams and colleagues & ensuring everyone feels respected and valued. Read more here.

How leaders can close the "joy at work" gap: make the experience of joy a corporate purpose; build joyful teams & joyfully “dial up” the culture by focusing on diversity, inclusion, learning & sharing your own joy in work as a leader. For more information, click here.


This week, Harvard Biz is running a special feature on "the crisis in trust". Many organisations underestimate the critical role that trusting relationships play. To build strong trust, organisations need to understand/measure up on four kinds of fairness. Read more here.

A useful graphic for strategising & action planning. Which of these 4 horizons does your proposed action fall in? When you're seeking to make change happen, how can you enable action in multiple horizons? Are you managing the tension between short & longer term?

Transformation isn't typically top-down or bottom-up but side-to-side. You won't get everyone on board by big launches or cascade communication. You have to start with the people who are already excited about the possibilities for change. Click here to read more.

Great to see that two lots of the people whose thinking has influenced Helen the most in recent years have been shortlisted for the prestigious "Thinkers 50" breakthrough idea of 2019. They are Amy Edmondson (@AmyCEdmondson ) for the Fearless Organisation & Jeremy Heimans (@jeremyheimans) & Henry Timms (@henrytimms) for New Power.


If you're feeling overwhelmed, celebrate the things you *have* done... even the simple accomplishments are accomplishments! 

Social Media

Sharing art and quotes on social media is a brilliant way of helping illustrate and spread a message. Please make sure you credit the artist - spread the love! Thank you to @mellow_doodles who explains why crediting is important and how to check if you don't know who the artist is.

And Finally...

Seeing how things look from different perspectives... this is brilliant! 

Sketchnotes can be so powerful. We can get an important message across more effectively through simple visual images than through a thousand words.

"This is the true path to connection": A beautiful quote & sketch note, perfect for an era where leaders & organisations are moving towards a greater appreciation of the role of relationships/connections in making change happen.