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Tweets of the week, 12th July 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).


Thank you to everyone who joined Issar Prerana (@Prerana_Issar) & Navina Evans (@NavinaEvans) for the #OurNHSPeople tweetchat last Monday (8th) . We loved reading your contributions! We'll be writing a report including your ideas and feedback.

The tweetchat was very lively and possibly the biggest NHS tweetchat ever! 1,950 diverse people took part.

Save the dates in your diaries for two more #OurNHSPeople tweet chats. The next two will be 12th August and 9th September. Both 7pm-8pm.

If you haven't yet joined a tweetchat and you're not too sure how to. Click here for some advice.

Rock Assembly

On Thursday, some of the Horizons team were at the Wembley arena for the Rock Assembly to promote nursing and midwifery as careers of choice for young people. Here Ambassadors and Horizons team representatives are saying #Hellomynameis before the event started.
A great introduction to the Rock assembly, click the picture below to watch the video.
An amazing group of people ready to inspire young people aged 14-18 into a career in Nursing or Midwifery.
The young people had three workshops where they learned about the different branches of Nursing and also Midwifery.

James Landi, one of our ambassadors was demonstrating pressure ulcer and compression bandaging basics with help from Zoe (@ZCarciente)

Horizons team member Selina with Paul Vaughan, Head of Nursing Now England.


On Monday,  Paul Vaughan joined Bev to spend time with the British Red Cross to see what could be learnt from the voluntary sector schools programme.
Great connections were formed and lively discussion about innovative ways of working in schools.

Congratulations to one of our Ambassadors Zara (@zar_head) for doing her first vlog to celebrate a year since her first blog post. To see Zara's vlog, click here.


"It's up to us to make the change, to lead the way and to mobilise others." Thank you to Nathan (@YAS_NathanielS) for your reflections on the School for Change Agents; to read Nathan's post click here. He will also be at the @Rescue_Day tomorrow (13th July) - if you're there, please do ask him about the #S4CA, #AmbulanceQ and #ProjectA.
Darren Earley shared his excitement for this week's meeting at North West Ambulance Trust, taking forward #ProjectA work on mental health.

Gill said she had a fantastic morning and Darren did brilliantly.

Ian said the meeting was the best 'Horizons' check in ever - two colleagues who never met, sat 10 ft away from each other) travelled all the way from Yorkshire Ambulance Service headquarters to Bolton and met for the first time. The power of connection!

Sasha and Liz (RCP) have both supported #projecta and do great work nationally in supporting mental health and wellbeing within the amblance service. Read more here.
Have a read of our Horizons colleague Ian Baines (@ihbaines) blog on developments for supporting people with mental health crisis featuring @davemorgan_NEAS @darrenearlyS.

What the team have been up to

Helen facilitated the NHS South East Region Leadership Summit on urgent & emergency care. 80 system leaders with such a strong sense of shared purpose were there. The expertise we need is in the system already. We need to unleash it! Outstanding leadership from Anne Eden (@Eden1Anne)
Helen presented one of everyone's favourite slide with a fab quote from @ComplexWales.
These are the ground rules that we created for the NHS South East Leadership Summit today. You can see that we made it a "post-it note free zone". That felt liberating & we didn't miss them at all!

This week has been the #endpjparalysis global summit - It's all about reducing deconditioning by getting people up dressed and moving when they're in hospital.  @Zoelord1 and colleagues from @ECISTnetwork @KateSlater2 @wolvesboy @DevlinPJ delivered a session on enabling and sustaining large scale change.

There’s still time to join the #EndPJparalysis randomised coffee trial where we’re connecting people all over the world to have a conversation & share knowledge, ideas & insights. 


What do you know? We use the Johari window to help us establish what we know, what we don't, blind spots and what we can do about it. Dan Connors explains how this tool can be used and how it can help teams remedy a situation. Read more here.

In co-creating change, we must take account of power and privilege: 1) Power is the ability to affect an outcome 2) Privilege is not evenly distributed. Not everyone can take the same risks; 3) Power and privilege shape how we see our world. Read more here.

We know that fear suppresses innovation/improvement, but is being fearful always a bad thing? No, there are many situations where rationally, we should be fearful. Helen found this white paper on being "rationally fearless", read more here.
Even the most radical, transformational visions can succeed if they're built on shared vaues. To quote Nelson Mandela “to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects & enhances the freedom of others.” Read here.


To inspire is give someone the desire or ability to do or feel something. To aspire is to direct our hopes & ambitions towards achieving something important.  If we want our teams to be engaged, we need to mix inspiration & aspiration. Find out more here.

One of the big themes that is emerging globally on people at work is the key role of emotions; emotional diversity (different things make us happy at work), the need for personalised care of staff & emotional intelligence at a system level. For more info click here.

Social Media 

Not only is Twitter a powerful way to share, learn & connect, it's an important research data source & is driving new knowledge. New research methodologies are emerging around it, such as netnography and digital ethnography, read more here.

And Finally...

Even small actions can help in the climate crisis. When Helen is facilitating a workshop, I try to carry all the materials with me on public transport so they don't have to be couriered. I've got this nifty Swedish trolley with 6 wheels that climbs stairs in tube stations

A great comic strip, wouldn't you love some jargon-cancelling headphones?
Eight philosophical questions we'll never solve, though will forever be the source of fascinating speculation and debate!