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Tweets of the Week, 21 June 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

The School for Change Agents 

Week 5's topic was 'Being a Change Agent in a Complex World'. To catch up you can watch the live session on YouTube or carry on learning on Futurelearn. You can also click the picture for a thread of the session's content.
Great feedback from this week's School for Change Agents. Thank you for sharing your views with us Nacho. Another incredible story this week at School for Change Agents by Helen, that teaches us that we have a world with great possibilities.

Thank you for your feedback Lucy.

"I cannot think of anything more important in healthcare right now than insisting on integrated care, inter sector communication, community engagement, caregiver inclusion." Thank you for your feedback Maggie.
Congratulations to everyone who's so far become a Certificated Change Agent!
We know you can't be a successful change agent on your own. Stories are the way that we can encourage people to join us and move forward to action together! Read Leigh's reflections on module 4.
Kathryn shared her favourite idea from the School for Change Agents 2019: Developing our understanding of the world is not simply about filling the same glass (IN-formation). It's also about growing new ways of knowing (TRANS-formation).

During the past two weeks of the School for Change Agents, Helen (@Helenbevan) & Kathryn (@KathrynPerera) told beautiful personal stories that remind us that we can ALL make a difference to the world. Leigh spotted this quote that for her perfectly articulates a tenet of School for Change Agents: 'Change starts with me'

Next week's module of School for Change Agents contributes to Learning Disabilities week 2019 pledge which is "To be the change we want to see for people with Learning Disabilities". Join us at 3pm on the 27th June - click here for more info about School.

Nursing Now England 

On Tuesday, Bev joined Nursing Now Ambassador Joanne Mohammed (@Joannemohammed2) at the Percy Shurmer Primary Academy in Birmingham. Joanne used her personal experience to talk to pupils who are hearing impaired about her nursing career, you can find out more by clicking here.

Lovely video of key stage 1 children from the school mentioned above, teaching Joanne how to sign #HelloMyNameIs.

Anyone with an NMC registration but not in a clinical role can still support those at the point of care. Bev's made a commitment to Julie , Mary and Carol to help deliver their Flu Vaccination programme at Dudley Group this year.
Bev had a planning call with Jason Westwood (@NHSjwestwood) & the Transformation Trust (@The_ttrust) for Wembley Stadium's Rock Assembly with 10,000 young adults on the 11th July. The workshops are already over-subscribed!


Don't forget to join Hugh McCaughey (@HughMcCaughey) alongside Horizons on Wednesday June 26th at 7pm for our second tweet chat. The topic will be "How can the system best support the building of improvement skills across England?" Please use #Improve4Patients to join the conversation. You can find the outputs from our first tweet chat in this report by clicking here.
The NHS England (@NHSEngland) & NHS Improvement (@NHSImprovement) Improvement directorate had its own internal tweet chat this week. As a new directorate with people having joined from lots of previous teams, having our own tweet chat enables us to connect, learn and share.
A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took the time to join the tweet chat. To find out more, click here for a thread of the tweet chat.

Innovation and Change

What a brilliant idea by a young girl with a rare disease who has invented the Medi teddy to hide IV bags. Bringing a little comfort to clinical areas which can be intimidating for many children. Read more about this story here.
Report from research to investigate the practice of organisational transformation & to develop practical insights grounded in the experience of those leading or doing transformation work. Read more here.
Diane is collating, synthesising and making accessible knowledge on how to enable NHS spread. A main message is we need a new mindset and a new model. Early thinking is in this blog and this blog, with a paper in the autumn. Diane is keen for volunteers to have input. If you are interested click here to be directed to Diane's Twitter.Diane was involved in a Zoom call with the Q Community (@theQCommunity) and Helen Sanderson (@HelenWBTeam) this week. She found it really enjoyable and useful and is planning how to use working out loud (WOL) to improve her way of working.


Facebook did a survey on what people really want from work & found 3 things: 1) Career: jobs that give autonomy/promote development; 2) Community: a sense of belonging; 3) Cause: making a meaningful impact.  Find out more here.
Groundbreaking work in Sweden. After listening to many people who use health& care services, a segmentation has been created based on "what matters to me" together with nationwide system of compacts between patients and caregivers. This work is lead by Anette Nilsson (@AnetteNilsson99).

Social Media

"Three ways social media makes you a better leader". Brilliant sketchnote & reflective blog by Tanmay Vora (@tnvora) based on work by Celine Schillinger (@CelineSchill) - One day the majority of leaders will recognise the power of social media for leadership & learning, not just a minority. Click here to read.

Leigh (@Leighakendall) and Zarah (@Zarahmowhabuth) attended the Public Sector Social Media Conference on Tuesday. Leigh created some fantastic sketch notes of the different topics spoken about on the day, click here to see a thread of the events of the day. 

On Monday, James Cook (@jamescookQI) spent the day with the Horizons team and gave us a lot of advice on improvement and productivity. In return, we have helped James reactivate his twitter account. He really knows his stuff so he is worth following on Twitter. If you'd like to follow James, click on his handle linked above.

Reading recommendation

Kotter's book "Leading Change", published 23 years ago, introduced us to the 8 steps model,  the best known/used model for planning change in the world. Kotter has updated the model, based on new research & you can get the eBook for free by clicking here.