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Tweets of the Week, 17 May 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

School for Change Agents

The School for Change Agents launched on Thursday (16 May),  here's a wonderful picture of the Horizons team set up and ready to go! You can watch Thursdays webinar by clicking here. 

 If you haven't signed up for #S4CA its not too late - Click here to sign up now! 

You can also catch up through the twitter thread (#S4CA) showing the highlights from the first session:

It was amazing to see where all the participants of the School for Change Agents were joining us from during the live feed! We are a global community! If it was too early in the morning, too late at night or the time just wasn't convenient, you can watch Thursday's webinar by clicking here.  

Our first webinar had a hundreds and hundreds of people joining - many people joining in large groups via one computer. There were also many more people who had joined via our YouTube channel!  This tweet was from Lawrence with a picture taken in December 2018 with our Horizons colleagues @HelenBevan @KathryPererea @ZoeLord.

Great to see that the webinar was enjoyed by many! Thank you to everyone who shared their reflections.  This slide resonated the most for Nick! 

It was great to see the impact of the first live session! Natalie tweeted... "First half hour was amazing to listen to, inspiring, motivational & exciting! Hearing that there’s others ‘like me’ out there, with full heads buzzing with ideas and wanting to bring the ideas ‘to life’ was reassuring - if that’s the right word?!"

We love that Beth feels like she's found 'her' people! We can't wait to hear about your connections and journey through #S4CA! 

Did you know? In addition to six amazing webinars, School for Change Agents has six incredible e-learning modules on the Future Learn platform! You can access the modules for free by clicking here

Nursing Now England 

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Here's a powerful image about self care.  "You wouldn't let this happen to your phone. Don't let this happen to you either. Self care is a priority not a luxury." 

Fantastic poster created by mum, Colette Lloyd for the Downs Syndrome Research Foundation UK. The poster is really helpful for getting our language right when talking about Down's Syndrome. For more information click here

To celebrate International Nurses Day, Bev was at the Whittington Health Conference! Click here for her slides from the session.

For International Nurses Day 2019 we developed this resource pack for Nursing Now England Ambassadors. Click here to find out more informaiton.

We talk about nurses having 'a seat at the table', to be in a position to influence. More often we think about this in the physical world so its great to see Nursing Now Ambassador Vicky taking over the #SoMe channels today. 

"Don't stop me now", Fabulous video of future nurses by CDDFT. Click here to watch.

"It's not the person who is disabled, it's the environment around them thats disabling" Craig as a learning disability nurse talks about nurses as enablers of care. 

Great to hear from Emily, one of our ambassadors at the NME Global 2019. A key part of NNE is to help ambassadors find their voice, to find out more about ambassadors and sign up, click here


We spoke about superconnectors in the first School for Change Agents webinar, Dave Morgan is part of the #ProjectA Ambulance programme and is a fantastic example of a superconnector! 

The Horizons team was in Edinburgh for the 1st meeting of #AmbulanceQ - people who work in ambulance services who are passionate about quality improvement. Helen was talking about unleashing the energy of frontline staff for improvement: "confronting people with their freedom".

Sarah shares her reflections on Helen's presentation - Improving complex issues needs inter-dependent initiatives. This means us as Ambulance Services working with the whole system. 

Some more of the themes discussed during the event. Thought provoking conversations around developing the Ambulance QI network. 

Quality improvement is the responsibility of everyone, regardless of rank! Yes! We agree! 

We loved having this little fella join us for the #AmbulanceQ event! Start them early!  

The event was closed by Erin Payne, leaving everyone feeling really motivated after a brilliant day! 

The first Ambulance Q event received great feedback! Sarah enjoyed it immensely! Amazing picture with the youngest AmbulanceQI member Baby L! 

So glad that Jonathan walked away with strong links and commitments with his fellow services/QI interested colleagues for sharing, learning and collaborating all things improvement! Looking forward to hearing more Jonathan! 

Ed travelled by plane to attend the Ambulance QI!  "Leaving Scotland after an inspiring day with #AmbulanceQ We all know we like to moan but let's be part of the solution." Glad to hear that you had an inspiring day! 

Great day at the AmbulanceQ network event in Edinburgh! Great to connect with so many like minded people who want to shape the future of UK ambulance services through QI! 


"Engaging in risk is actually very important in preventing injuries" Why making playgrounds apparently more dangerous is making children safer, I'm sure there's important learning in this for thinking about risk & safety in health & care. Click here to read.

A new paper on spreading & scaling up innovation & improvement. It recommends combining three different "logics" to create practical approaches: 1) implementation science; 2) complexity science; 3) social science. Read here.

The number one rule of being a change agent: you can't be a change agent on your own. Why not establish a rebel alliance in your organisation or system? Some great advice! Read here.


Do you remember when you were a child & you were curious, you took risks, you experimented, you learned fast? Why, as leaders, we need to reconnect with the gifts we had as children. Read more here

Three characteristics every formal leader should have according to the Chief Executive of Microsoft: 1) an ability to create clarity where none exists; 2) a knack for sparking energy; 3) an ability to succeed in an "over-constrained space". Read more here.

The practical reality is that you can’t overpower, bribe or coerce people to embrace change. The role of a leader in large scale change is less about planning & directing action & more about inspiring and empowering belief in a new order, find out more here.


We've been getting it all wrong in our approaches to employee engagement. Data from the ADPRI study suggests the most effective way to improve engagement is to focus not on culture or on individuals as though they work in isolation but on team environment. Read more here.

Social Media 

A great point about how time spent on social media is somehow different to times spent writing papers, facilitating or making presentations.