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| 1 minute read

The Community Changing the Face of Health and Care

It's the morning of the first live session of the School for Change Agents 2019! Many of you, and we in the NHS Horizons Team have been waiting over a year for this!

I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the community changing the face of health and care.

We are a community of activists making improvements to our organisations from the ground up. We are a movement of 15,000 people in health and care making small and sometimes big improvements to our organisations all over the world. Our actions will result in improvements to health and care on a massive scale. 

Our journey began on Change Day in 2012 when we challenged every single member of NHS staff to make one pledge to make an improvement within their organisation.

This highlighted the need for the School for Change Agents (previously the School for Health and Care Radicals) which gives our community the skills, confidence and networks to make change happen more quickly.

The School has evolved over its lifetime in accordance to its own principle to change with the times, adapting to feedback from our community. 

The School consists of six live webinars hosted by Helen Bevan and Kathryn Perera with loads of opportunities to interact and engage with others. These live sessions have always been the at the centre of the community. Anyone from anywhere in the world with an internet connection can join us, no matter your role, banding or organisation. 

  •  16 May: Change Starts with Me click here for joining details
  •  23 May: Resilience is an act of defiance
  •  6 June: Purpose and power
  •  13 June: Moving to action
  •  20 June: Being a change agent in a complex world
  •  27 June: Leading change in personalised care

These will take place at 3pm UK time and recordings of the live sessions will be made available afterwards.

We will be live tweeting the WebEx on Twitter and using the hashtag #S4CA. This will be a great opportunity to connect to the School community on social media.

In 2019 we have introduced another dimension to the School to complement the learning of these live webinars. We have invited our community to complete six e-learning modules hosted on FutureLearn which focus on understanding new power, using power to make a difference, bringing others on board, using stories to create change and making sense of complexity. 

On FutureLearn, there are also many opportunities for discussion with your fellow change agents, to build community, and make friends. If you haven't already, we hope you'll be able to join in the active conversations!

We also hope you'll share your change agent stories with us.

We hope to see you on our live sessions and on FutureLearn! 

Join the School for change agents here.