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Tweets of the Week, 10 May 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

School for Change Agents

The countdown has begun! We are LESS than ONE week away from the School for Change Agents! Join our global community by clicking here.

Read about the shared purpose for this brilliant 15,000 strong community in the graphic below! 

Does this feel familiar? Want to learn how to make meaningful change happen... without having to ask for permission? Sign up for the School for Change Agents starting on the 16th May!

Nursing Now England  

Sunday 12th May is International Nurses Day 2019. We wanted to say a BIG thank you to all the nurses working hard to build positive perceptions of nursing. Read more here.

Student Nurses from 15 countries shared and learned together at the European Student Leadership Summit.

Bev's blog about yesterday's session at the European Student Nurses Leadership Summit.

Student Nurse Mental Health Day is an incredibly important campaign. As a registered Nurse herself, Bev expressed her support for every student nurse to develop in the right conditions to thrive rather than just survive.

Some of our wonderful Nursing Now ambassadors, Fiona and Joanne are holding their 30 day challenge event today (Friday)! Click here to find out more and sign up to be an Ambassador! 

After gaining valuable feedback on the Nursing Now England school's resources pack poster, changes have been made! The title is now "Become a Registered Nurse" and the required qualifications section is blank for (current) local variation. Click here to view the resources.
Thank you Guinness World Records. We welcome your approach & decision to award Jessica Anderson with her World Record, and importantly the recognition that perceptions of Nursing are important to those working within the profession.  Read more here.
We always love reading Nursing Now England Ambassador blogs and this one by Zara Head is another great one! "I was told I wasn't clever enough to be a Nurse".  Click here to read Zara's blog. 
Great to see that the North East Quality Improvement Network has set itself a series of 30 day challenges for the year. We have also used this approach for Nursing Now England, we love how they help build connections and create communities.

"Faced with declining numbers of people applying & efforts for more people with #learningdisabilities to be supported in their own community, the profession recognises the need to re-imagine the wealth of skills they have to offer". Read this great post on learning disability nursing here.

Future Midwifery 

The 5th May was the International Day of the Midwife 2019! Bev was celebrating alongside NHS England and NHS Improvement staff, speaking about Transforming the Perceptions of Midwifery. 

For International Day of the Midwife, Jonathan Cliffe shared a picture of one of the most stunning cakes! The second was shared by Karen Hill made by Gemma Madden for International Nurses day.


Join us for the Ambulance QI Event which will be held in Edinburgh on 15th May. It's going to be a fantastic day. Find out more about the event here. If you would like to attend the event register here.

The community is looking forward to networking, sharing QI learning, and setting ambitions for the Ambulance QI community for the year ahead!

The event in Edinburgh has been a great Q collaboration with Horizons and #Project A.We are all looking forward to the QI event next week in Edinburgh next week!

This is a beautiful follow up to last week's SECAmbGameChangers workshop.


Would you like to be involved with having honest, courageous conversations about the experiences of #BAME midwives & nurses and creating action-based solutions? Join us for an event on 14 June! For more info click here.


When we choose to be change agents and challenge the status quo, we don't choose an easy life. That's why self-care is so important to help keep us resilient. Here's a great sketchnote on six kinds of self-care that we need to take on board. Find out more about self-care here.

We've never had more productivity tools than we have today & we've rarely felt less productive. Our new tools have given people power to intrude into others' time. We don't have a technology problem, we have a boundary problem. Read more here.

Working from home can mean isolation from colleagues, shift the dynamic with walking meetings! 

Improvement and Innovation 

When we talk about "prototypes", people think it's something high tech or complex. But a prototype is anything that gets the idea in your head into a thing people can experience and give feedback on. Why everyone should prototype their ideas. Read more here.
To spread & scale change, we need three kinds of people: 1) disruptors (innovators) who generate ideas; 2) scalers who build bridges with those who implement & help institutionalise the ideas & 3) executors who turn the ideas into outcomes. Read more here.
In response, who are our 'scalers'? some thoughts in the Horizons blog today, read this post here.

How we move improvement activity from small discrete projects to a strategic capability across organisations in the health & care sector. Read more here.

"Brainstorming" activities are typically much more comfortable for extroverts who have a preference for pitching in & thinking out loud, without reflection. Here's five ideas for brainstorming-types activities that are designed for introverts, find out more here.

Why, as people leading improvement, we should always, always share our results, find out here.


Read Camilla's blog about the importance of empathy.
"Empathetic collaboration" creates the conditions where teams can come up with amazing new ideas. It requires 1) Bringing in a diversity of perspectives 2) Investing time to build trust 3) Creating space for tension & 4) Making others successful.Read more here.There is a perception that introverts hate networking yet introverts have a superpower that can be harnessed for outstanding networking. Read about this here.
Death by Powerpoint: an account of how over-reliance on PowerPoint contributed to deaths of 7 people on the space shuttle Columbia in 2003. Gives fascinating insights in to how the way slides are presented affects the way the message is received by an audience. Find out more about this here.

Social Media 

Helen and Leigh created a new slide deck on being a social leader for #LeadingChangeMHVC. It includes this slide on "types of people on Twitter", especially comissioned for Dr Damara & Joan Chaya. What type are you? Even being a lurker can be a positive thing. 


Strategies that require clinicians to change their behaviour are more likely to be effective if there is 1) Transparency of purpose; 2) Co-creation of content & 3) Constructive framing. Find out more here.

Many organisations invest heavily in leadership development & see visionary leadership as a key capability. However, they invest much less in helping mid level managers to become aligned with the vision. Read more about why visionary leadership fails here.
When the senior team is aligned and high-performing, the whole organisation benefits. Read more here.
Wisdom from McKinsey for leaders on how to plan and organise better meetings, click here for more.

And Finally...

Well done to Rosie for completing her first race, a mile up a hill with a 25% gradient!