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Tweets of the Week, 26th April 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

School for Change Agents

The School for Change Agents starts on the 16th May... Less than a month away! We hope you're as excited as we are! Be part of a 15,000 strong global community creating the boldest and most innovative ideas in health and care! Click here to sign up now

So great to see the excitement and enthusiasm for the School for Change Agents starting on the 16th May! Live showings and popcorn sounds like a great idea.  Click here to find out more and sign up

Do you have a role as a "change helper" (change leader, improvement advisor, facilitator, consultant etc)? How can we work in ways that make change both sustainably impactful & more effortless for our clients? Read more.


Would you like to be involved with having honest, courageous conversations about the experiences of #BAME midwives and nurses and creating action-based solutions? Join us for an event on 14 June! Find out more and book your place.

"... this story highlights that you need to believe in yourself, know what is right and what is wrong and refuse to be intimidated by stigmatisation." A must-read blog by one of the Horizons team members Camilla who supports the Nursing Now England and Changing Perceptions of Midwifery programs!Click here to read the blog

Nursing Now England

Our Nursing Ambassadors have a virtual community who are all passionate about transforming the perception of Nursing! One of the activities is the 30 day challenges; this month's is 'arrange a meeting with your MP', Sign up to be an Ambassador!
Claire enjoyed her first virtual ambassadors' session - it was great to have you join us!

One of our amazing Nursing Ambassadors Lia was on BBC Radio Nottingham speaking about her amazing Nursing career (Listen here). Well done Lia! To find out more and go to a careers open day at Nottingham University, Click here!  

Our amazing ambassadors are really passionate about their profession! Clare spread the word by appearing in a local newspaper to discuss her reasons for being and supporting ambassadors! Click here to read more.

"There has never been a more important & rewarding time to be a learning disability nurse" says Ruth May. Read more in the Nursing Times.


The Ambulance QI event to be held in Edinburgh on 15th May is taking shape! For more information on the event and to register, click here.

We're really keen to get representation at the Edinburgh event from all UK trusts if possible. Are you the right person to represent your service or do you know who else might be?

The Horizons team was happy to welcome Dave Morgan to the Horizons HQ to discuss and test some ideas for #ProjectA this week. This will hopefully lead to the next steps in spread and sustainability of care in the North East Ambulance Service.The new NHS Assembly, which held its inaugural meeting this week, was encouraged to learn from the approach Horizons took with #ProjectA to develop improvements in Ambulance services across the UK.

Great to see that the Yorkshire Ambulance opened their 24/7 Ambulance vehicle preparation service, making sure that the vehicles are already cleaned, re-fuelled and restocked at the beginning of each shift. Proud that it has been linked to #ProjectA!


Creating conditions of happiness around us amidst the uncertainties and ambiguities of daily life is a significant act of leadership, for self & others. Read the blog here.

Across the globe, leaders are utilising the principles of positive psychology. Read more:

"Try not to compare your story to anyone else's, and focus on your own magic".


A very interesting mind map about the importance of linking up what we say with how we say it. Leaders who align verbal, vocal and visual cues are more likely to be believed and trusted. Patients perceive that clinicians who are at the same eye level as them spend more time with them: Read more here

A new paper by Trisha Greenhalgh & colleagues about the Frameworks for supporting patient and public involvement in research: Systematic review and co-design pilot. Click here to read the article

How to frame messages about patient safety in ways that engage both patients and healthcare professionals, though its written in an American context it is highly relevant to other healthcare settings. Read more here

Project managers who understand that project deadlines are often uncertain & unattainable & who collaborate with stakeholders to see deadlines as active, manageable variables can increase the success rate of their projects by up to 40%. Read more.

Why we need to rethink the notion of "Q&A" at the end of a conference or workshop presentation:

Innovation and Change

These "12 simple rules of system thinking for complex issues" are very powerful. The article's about "complex global issues".  What if we applied them in every system leadership challenge in health and care? Read more about this here.Adrienne was inspired by Helen to create her own sketchnote of 12 simple rules of systems thinking for complex issues.

We believe that if technology can make aspects of our lives more efficient, we’ll get back free time or time to spend on other important things. Instead, we often to have to recalibrate what we do. The efficiency delusion:

Have you been told that the results of your improvement project aren't "statistically significant"? Scientists are revolting against "statistical significance". Hundreds are calling to abolish the arbitrary measure of scientific value. Read the article.

Why building strong, authentic relationships is becoming an even more critical leadership capability. Read the post.

Helen was honoured to attend Sir David Dalton's retirement dinner this week, celebrating the many achievements in David's NHS leadership career.

And finally...

Try out this quiz to discover your "creative type"!