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Tweets of the Week, 18 April 2019

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world. (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

The School For Change Agents

We love hearing how you have benefited from the School for Change Agents!  Jonathan believes that the School for Change Agents programme he attended was one of the best things he had done last year. Sign up now for a similar experience, it starts on 16 May.  Another great recommendation from Dr Bridget Wilkins for the School for Change Agents.  Sign up now!

Julia thinks that the School for Change Agents programme is a great free course for anyone aspiring to improve systems and organisations from within. Sign up for the School for Change Agents here.

How can we better support NHS staff trying to deliver effective change and improvement? In this post Rosanna Hunt explores how we're trying to answer this question through out innovative approach to gathering data. Read the blog post here.

Deming's Lens of Profound Knowledge can help us to create successful improvement by looking at the 4 key components. Join the School for Change Agents to learn how best to approach the Human Behaviour element.

Nursing Now England

April's 30 Day Challenge is arranging a meeting with your MP. Find out more, and get your resources.
The latest #NursingNowEngland newsletter was published this week. Click here to sign up to be a Nursing Now Ambassador!
Anyone for coffee? Round 1 Nursing and Midwifery randomised coffee trial conversations are on the way. Sign up and join in round 2! You can also read Zoe Lord's blog post here and run your own using the #NursingNowEngland #FutureMidwifery resource pack.

Great to hear about the modified RCT event on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit! Well done Natalie Read, cant wait to see the results from the questions! 

Future Midwifery 

The latest Future Midwifery Ambassadors' newsletter is published! Not got a copy? Sign up now!

Project A

Join us for the QI Ambulance Network event on the 15th May 2019 at the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. 'Creating Quality Improvers from the Frontline & Beyond'. Click here to register for this event.

The QI Ambulance Network event should be a great day and start of some collaboration and co-design between ambulance trusts. Register for the event here

Looking forward to seeing many of the Project A colleagues at the QI Ambulance Network Event. 

Andrew Parker doing amazing work organising the QI event and creating its link to #Project A. 

Great to hear about the first initial meeting about suicide awareness and how we can help in supporting this in students. It's amazing what can be started via conversations on social media!

Patient care

Are you a patient, care, clinician or care professional in the UK? The Professional Standards Record Body would like you to complete their survey about what information should be in the core health & care (patient record). Click here to get involved.

Treating - caring for - patients as whole human beings surely leads to better outcomes for the individual, which then has positive benefits elsewhere too.

Something for healthcare organisations to reflect on: We are funnelling anxious patients to self-service technologies (SSTs) - Kiosks, websites & smartphone apps. Are we isolating people at the precise moment when they most need connection? Click here to read more. 

The real importance of treating people how you would want to be treated. Lovely to hear of the impact of this GP appointment! 


An interesting article about flexible working and its link to wellbeing. Click here to find out more. 

To achieve a goal, stretching beyond the usual to the incredible only occurs if we believe it's possible. If you carry out your plan as if it will work, it is more likely to.

Community Agency

"What I am describing is not the work of a focus group or consultation.. It is about a shift in power & mindset". Read Hilary Cottam's article on agency creating new relationships and the welfare state.
Positive, trusting relationships are vital for delivering change at work. We can't have relationships with everyone so we need to link up with the informal change agents & ambassadors ("the superconnectors") that other people trust. Read more about this here.
It's great to see the global #endpjparalysis movement spreading. It's happening across Canada, proving that a small group of thoughtful, committed healthcare workers can change the world! Read more about this here.

Innovation and Change

The Horizons team are big fans of the scan/focus/ act model for structuring a workshop or complex decision making event. We are delighted to see this sketchnote from Andi Roberts that sets out the philosophy of the approach so beautifully.
Hierarchies can cause unconscious bias, and everyone has a valuable contribution to make irrespective of their role. Stripping away hierarchies enables us to see the contributions without preconceptions and prejudice that come with roles and status.

"Story-selling" is about creating authentic stories that connect at the level of values & emotions & influence people to engage in change. Click here for an infographic that summarises the approach from the Oxford Review. 

Futurists say we're moving out of the Information Age, the age of engagement, curiosity & creativity, into the Age of Purpose, where people want to be part of something important and meaningful. We need to build a shared purpose on a very big scale. Click here to read the blog post.
Learning for improvement? Traditionally its been about DIDACTICS (we are taught). The key for the future is DISCOVERY (we learn for ourselves), supported by DISCOURSE (e.g. virtual learning communities) & DOING (making it part of daily work). Click here to read more...
How do we build capabilities & perspective on systems change & system leadership for an increasingly complex world? The recently published outputs of a global symposium at Yale University. Click here to explore a number of links and great resources.  
Virtual collaboration has enabled the Horizons team to work in networked ways, connecting with and learning from thousands of others in Health & Care. So we find this new framework on the benefits of networked working super helpful. Read more.

Collaboration and collective leadership are essential if we want to change systems. There are two big mindset shifts needed: 1) Shifting from traditional to collective leadership & 2) Moving away from strategic planning to emergence, Click here to find out more. 


To drive innovation we need to hire for diversity and empathy! "The best approach to hiring for innovation is to seek out those who can best add to the culture you already have". Click here to read more.

You will only get innovation when you include diversity and collaboration.

Social Media 

An analysis by Fran Kerr and Dr Graham Mackenzie of the top tweets at the International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare. Click here for the content that people liked/shared the most.
Interested in crisis comms? Great animation by scriberian about an algorithm that explores how social media posts can help give emergency services a clear picture of events during a major incident & help aid the response. Click here to watch the animation.

And Finally...

An amazing twitter opportunity from NHS England to acknowledge a NHS colleague or colleagues who have gone above & beyond in the last few months.