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International Fellow, NHS Horizons Team Day 5 #jodemeontour

I am spending my last day in Coventry at the Horizons team office. Working with the team is not for the faint of heart.  The expectations are high, the performance is high and the pace is fast.  The team is in demand and are catalyzing and inspiring multiple radical change efforts around the world.    

While they are catalyzing and inspiring change, they are equally committed to developing the skills of others to do the same so they create new communities and curate large scale capacity development opportunities for anyone around the world who wants to join.  The team runs their School for Change Agents. 12,000 people around the world participate in the School for Change Agents at any one time.  The next term starts in May and I would recommend you sign up today! 

I have joined the school five times and I am enrolled again.  Why do I do this?  I want to be connected to the most emergent thinking on how to energize transformation and how best to create the magnetic pull to the future.  I want to hear what the team has to say and what the thousands of people who join, have to say.   

Horizons is launching a new capacity building community using virtual platforms as a means to catalyze, energize and connect lots of people to create large scale change. The Horizons team is proving, in their work, that we can amplify the ability to make change happen by using virtual platforms to connect people, engage people and move with people to the future.  

This happened in the backdrop of planning the launch during a busy week ahead in Glasgow for the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare. You can follow this event from "beyond the walls" of Glasgow on live stream or by following #Quality2019 on Twitter.

Horizons Team Huddle - Curating a high performing team. Preparing to contribute to the largest health care quality improvement conference in the world.

Each week the team has a virtual Huddle on a Monday. This week's was facilitated by the very capable Zoe Lord, Deputy Director of Transformation.  I knew I was in the midst of a talented facilitator, because she  made the orchestration look easy whilst managing many complex goals and discussions, curating every member of the team through an inclusive process to reach the best outcome.  

Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer and leader of Horizons, does not chair the team huddles; she prefers to participate along with the team. I believe she does this so she can be present and fully engaged in the work. The scope of work and initiatives is complex and Zoe works with the team to have her eye on the moving parts, orchestrating a walk through of the plans for the five sessions the Horizons team are facilitating at the conference this week. 

Every member of the team contributes to the preparation and delivery of the sessions supporting the few members who will be on the stage. The whole team works together; planning schedules, creating business cards stickers, arranging travel and designing the sessions and their respective slidedecks. The goals of the sessions and the Horizons presence is for them to be relational, collaborative and for delegates to walk a step or two through how to create a community as a meaningful way to move change.   

The team's goal is to show active leadership and change the world as we know it, in health and social care.  They discuss how they can't do this by speaking about the approach to radical transformation. Rather, they curate a demonstration so that people experience it.  

Next week is about thousands of people experiencing how to move radical transformation forward.  

The team is inspired by this goal and each one sharing our #HelloMyNameIs badges with pride.  

The teams goal is to show active leadership and change the world as we know it, in health and social care.