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Tweets of the Week 7 December, 2018

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.

(Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a tweet, click on the red text. To view the original tweet, click on the image).

The Horizons Team

Kathryn delivered this year's Jo Cox Memorial Lecture, linking the themes of loneliness to women in public life - two causes close to Jo's heart.

Rosanna has written a blog on coaching leaders to build Energy for Change in the National Health Service

Olly spoke about digitisation in the NHS and answered a lot of tough questions at our NHS England Strategy & Innovation Directorate away day.

Zoe and Kathryn led an interactive workshop about energy for change at the Personalised Care collaborative. Energy for Change is the key to understanding many challenges across health and care. More information about the background here

Leigh says that while she conveys her ideas via various technology methods, she gets many of her best ideas when she is away from it. Read the post: 

Project A

Find out about what's happening next with #ProjectA and how you can get involved in Ian Baines' post:

It's great to see ambulance staff so engaged with the #ProjectA process. 

Carol Munt is enjoying her involvement with #ProjectA and the Falls framework. Some great stuff happening across the country already so sharing that was a good start and as the saying goes "The best is yet to come". 

Ian is proud to have worked with such a fabulous group of frontline staff, the ambulance service response to #ProjectA has been fantastic at every stage. There is lots still to do and we're sure the interactions going forward will be equally fantastic.

Finding the best way to help people experiencing mental health crisis get the support they need is one of the collaborations. If you have any ideas visit our website for more information.

Let’s make sure we look after those that look after others. 

Action on #falls is one of six ideas being explored as part of #ProjectA. We're working with a range of organisations to develop a framework to help prevent falls & provide appropriate services/support for those who do fall. For more info or to get involved click here

Leigh has been working on the #ProjectA directory of good ideas and loved reading about all the brilliant work being done by ambulance staff! The directory is launching soon, and is one of the six ideas identified for further action. More info here. 

Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

This month's #futurenursing #futuremidwifery challenge is about mentoring. What's mentoring all about, how it can help you, how to get started is in this post by Bev Matthews.

Kate and Bev had a Facebook chat with 150 Leaders about mentoring. Find out more. 


A very insightful blog by Jude Goddard about resilience - inspired by a session with #futurenursing #futuremidwifery ambassadors, relevant to everyone.

Evidence that we should be hopeful about the future of nursing: throughout November, student and newly qualified nurses who are building positive perceptions for their profession featured as part of the #futurenursing campaign. It's worth reading them all

“Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery” by Bev, from the North regional event in Leeds this week.

It is interesting to hear the perspectives of student junior nurses. 

School students visited Aintree Hospital to understand more about a career in nursing. Find out more, and share your experiences.

Ambassador Dann Gooding has written a blog post  “what my Nurse Registration means to me...” 

Helen was at #LeadingChangeMHVC talking about Championing Change in a Changing World. This slide tells the story of November 30 Challenge transforming perceptions of #FutureNursing and how young leaders are at the heart of change.


The positive aspects of wasting time: why a culture of relentless productivity (telling us to get to it right away and feel guilty about any time wasted) is a bad thing. It's part of the reason why social media fills a glorious psychological need! 

It's great to see conversation about impostor syndrome. Lots of people experience it, being open about it can help us overcome it and celebrate all the things that we are brilliant.

As many of us are rushing around buying or creating gifts for Christmas, here is recent psychological research that offers guidance on giving gifts to maximise the receiver’s happiness and foster closer relationships:

How has technology changed your life? 


This is a great report on youth participation and activism. It is also highly relevant in getting the voice of young leaders, students and trainees in organisations so we get more breakthrough thinking and radical change. 

These are the slides for the workshop which Helen ran on championing change in a changing world for the Montefiore Hudson Valley Collaboration. It's a group of New York providers championing enhanced care coordination, community-focused care & education for people with the least access to health resources.

To create large scale CHANGE, we must leverage every team member. Together we can build agency and collectively change. 

How do you rock the boat....without falling out? By working with other people. You can't be a change agent on your own!

Change efforts often fail because the people leading them seek to overpower rather than attract. Read more:

It's such a gift for experienced leaders and practitioners to work with emerging leaders, students and trainees. If we want radical change in health and care, we need more multi-generational working, whether that's with internal teams or co-producing with patients, families and citizens.

Lessons from ultrarunning relevant to us all. Being prepared to find positives if things don’t go as planned is a useful mindset. And for the cynical among us - being prepared to capitalise on unexpected success too!

The challenges of digital transformation


The importance of expressing gratitude to our teams:

Here's a helpful framework to use when thinking about the future direction of your team, service or collaboration. Think about four different potential future scenarios: the default case, the disaster, the dream and the different.

The power of incentives:

"Listening to understand means suspending your own arguments, thoughts and biases. This is the opposite of what many of us do when we half-listen..."

A powerful model & excellent practical advice on building trust at work. Trust is the most important factor when it comes to creating high performing teams. It is the foundation of the psychological safety that enables us to do our best.


Download the first chapter of the new book Leadership at Scale for free. You can also read a five-minute summary.

You can see the qualities of a great leader in this simple but powerful sketchnote.

Leigh has been spreading her influence by talking about thought diversity within teams; read the blog on the Physics behind Distributed Leadership

What happens when kids lead? Read the blog.


Top healthcare words of 2018 - find out what they are.

Research shows that adopting a pet enhances the effects of anti-depressant medication for a significant minority of people with previously treatment-resistant depression.


This sketchnote explains why Helen hates giving talks without pictures. Turning words into pictures creates meaning and connection & deepens understanding for an audience or group of learners.

At our directorate away day we did this fun icebreaker. As a table we had to put fronts and punch lines on jokes. Each table read out their best line and there was a prize for the best. 

You can get a free one year subscription to the Organization Development Review journal. It used to be called the OD Practitioner and has some great content for people involved in change in organisations/systems. There's no credit card requirement, it's just free.