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Tweets of the Week, 16th November 2018

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.

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Fab Change 70 Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the Fab Change 70 Awards this week, and everyone who was shortlisted. We loved reading about all the fantastic work everybody has been doing. 

Ignar Rip, winner of the Rosa Parks Award, featured in our Edge Talks in 2017.

Leeanne Lockley won the Individual Change Champion award - Leeanne is one of our brilliant Certificated Change Agents.


Towards commissioning for workplace compassion: a support guide: “We need to move towards a NHS culture of compassion for all, within which patients experience compassionate care & staff experience compassionate workplaces; positive experiences of care for all whether they are delivering or receiving care.” 

This report is on increasing employee health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

How to be a kinder person every day - a fantastic sketchnote by Scriberia

Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

We held a Men In Nursing workshop this week, aimed at breaking the stigma around men in the nursing and midwifery professions, and challenging the misconception that these professions are only for women.

Read Bev's blog about the Men In Nursing event:

We also ran an Ambassadors' regional event this week. 

A snowstorm of our ambassadors' pledges! 

It's great seeing so many people signing up as nursing and midwifery ambassador! You can join them here.

As part of the November Challenge the Student Nurse Project is sharing stories of student and newly-qualified nurses. Please do take a moment to visit their Twitter feed, and give them support at the beginning of their careers.

This week's ambassador's virtual forum featured a discussion about resilience. Our ambassadors shared their ideas and approaches for dealing with challenges.  

One ambassador has already started working on our January Challenge to go into Schools and give a talk. You can read the blog here

Helen talked about the importance of nurses and midwives as leaders for building positive perceptions during her talk at the Health Leaders 18 conference.


Have we got the power to change things? According to various research studies, we need 25%, 10% or 3% of people to shift a system. 

This research study on the ability of six NHS hospital systems to implement a board level quality improvement initiative showed the most important factors were "slack" and the functioning of the board. 

A reflection from Ian about taking a different direction through change.

John Atki wrote this blog on Myron's maxims which are a wise set of principles for enabling positive change.

Here are five things to keep you on the front foot. 

In conversations about transformational change, we often focus on "shifting mindsets". It isn't enough. We must also address "heartsets"; the emotions that shape what we believe and influence how we act. Find out more about mindsets and heartsets here

IHI has produced a new White Paper on the psychology of change. 

Helen spoke at the Leaders Health 18 event about Being Ready for the Change That's Coming. Here are her slides.

This toolkit is a speedy creative design technique to identify/prototype new solutions to tricky problems. It's a collaboration between improvement leaders in the English NHS and Qulturum in Jonkoping, Sweden. 

Three questions to ask yourself to improve your decision making: 

There is a big shift occurring from pilot projects to prototypes/rapid test of change. This is some great advice on how to plan for prototyping/rapid testing. 


Many organisations will need to manage as many as five generations of workers in the near future. There are lots of opportunities in older workers and multigenerational working

The Future of Jobs Survey 2018 suggests that, across all sectors, there will be new roles in learning, social media, innovation, digital transformation and innovation but fewer lawyers. 


We sometimes hold people who strive for senior leadership roles in higher esteem than people who don't. Here's a list of 25 valuable talents we should honour and celebrate, shown by colleagues who don't necessarily aspire to be senior leaders. 

This model of effective leadership gives prominence to sensemaking. It's important for leaderships to make sense of things and reduce ambiguity for people in such a complex, fast moving world. 

Learning and Development

Many people have become so busy at work that they have no time or mental space for learning. We want to understand how we spend our time and redefine what learning it says. This is Dan Pontefract's learning model

NHS Sustainable Improvement run some great online courses. They are free and open to everyone. They current one is about measurement for improvement. How can you show whether your improvement project has made a difference to patients and/or staff?