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Tweets of the week 3rd August, 2018

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.

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Thank you to everyone who joined the second #ProjectA tweet chat, which was about improving patient pathways. You can read more about the ideas that were shared in this update by Leigh.  

The third of the #ProjectA tweet chats will take place on Wednesday 8 August between 7pm and 8pm, about the wellbeing of ambulance staf, and career progression. 

Tweet chats are just one way you can get involved in #ProjectA - you can also share your ideas, and get involved in conversations on the ideas platform.

Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

The July blogging challenge brought a wealth of fantastic writing and unveiled a huge amount of talent, with more than 500 nurses and midwives writing their very first blog! This letter to her former self as a student in the 1980s is just one example.

Another memory from student nursing days...

Recollecting the first day as a student nurse:

The August challenge is all about breaking the rules - read more about what that's all about in Bev's post.

Lynsey and Rosie attended the very first breaking the rules workshop - read about what happened in Lynsey's post.

School for Change Agents

A huge thank you to all School Alumni who took the time to attend our online session about the new era of change. There were so many great ideas shared, which will help us to create the new White Paper. If you missed the session don't worry, there will be lots of other opportunities to have your say - please keep an eye out for more news.

Horizons Team

Bev, our Transformation Associate volunteered for the Transplant Games at the weekend. She met a bereaved father whose daughter's donated organs benefited an incredible 74 recipients.

Leigh, our Communications Lead is an avid Park Run participant and featured in their latest newsletter! 


Engaging patients and families in change in health and care: an important new systematic review of factors that enable patients to be optimally engaged in the design, delivery, and evaluation of health services.

Why we should link up patient experience data with the people and structures involved in quality improvement work:

A new study shows The Productive Ward programme has had a lasting impact:

The 70:20:10 innovation rule: spend 70% of your time improving what you already do; 20% on applying what you're good at to other contexts; 10% on finding new problems to solve. The third category is most neglected and will deliver most in future:

A checklist for making better, faster decisions, based on behavioural economics.

New research suggests that we are likely to get better outcomes if we make our goals FAST, not SMART:

Building expertise in a new field to a deep level can take a long time. Depending on the topic, it can take seven years or more. Here's some advice on how to accelerate that learning:

A very good article from the USA on the issue of unconscious bias at work. Tackling this kind of bias not only helps improve diversity, it elevates our leadership practices and improves outcomes:

A whole series of short films about tacking unconscious bias at work have just been released:

How to become a brilliant manager and why it's important:

A blog on compassion in the workplace. It's based on research in nurse education, but the conclusions are relevant to anyone who works in a team, leads others, and/or interacts with other people.

Your organisation isn't a structure chart, it's a network of conversations. When leaders recognise and connect with conventional networks, they can enrich and accelerate diverse information flows which lead to positive change.

How to revive a tired network:

A blog about the system principles behind the move from command and control to system leadership. One aspect is the need to shift how information and authority flow within organisations, from 'specify and report' to 'sense and respond'.

How many people does it take to start a revolution in the workplace or elsewhere?

One of the best things about Twitter is that it enables us to learn together and share with each other across the globe.

On technology, and being human:

We are moving to an era of 'radical transparency':

'Art and wellbeing: toward a culture of health' An extensive free resource from the Department of Arts and Culture in the USA on how art in its multiple forms can aid health. It is full of global health studies.

If you work in an open-plan office you can probably relate to this picture...