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Tweets of the Week 20th July, 2018

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.

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This week, #ProjectA ran its first tweet chat - about partnerships with patients and the public. 537 people participated, generating 1,409 tweets and 77 specific ideas! 

The second of the tweet chats will be held on Thursday 26 July at 7pm, about patient pathways.

Graham shared a summary of the tweet chat on Wakelet summary of the tweet chat. 

Helen shared an update on the #ProjectA platform, which has received 2,500 direct interactions with the project. 

Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

Bev shared Zara's blog for our 30 day challenge to transform perceptions of nursing and midwifery. 

Bev shared Kerry's blog as part of our 30 day challenge to transform perceptions of nursing and midwifery. 

Bev shared Joanne's blog to transform perceptions of nursing and midwifery. 

Events this week

Helen went to the #OneTeamGovGlobal Unconference with people from 43 countries. 

Resources and reading

Is the research vs. practice gap an impossible chasm? Read more here

A slide deck on how to use social analytics to understand the true influences in organisations. Read more here

This is how it feels sometimes when you are an internal change agent in a big organisation or system.

Why won't people change? There can be no sustainable organisational or system change without individual change. Change happens on person at a time and there are no shortcuts to this. Read more here

Researchers have identified the skills and mindsets needed by leaders with ambitions for transformational change. The mindsets are about being able to hold/balance seemingly contradictory positions at the same time. Read more here.

Know your audience in terms of how to get your message of change across. Tactics depend on how involved the recipients of your message have previously been in the change and how predisposed they are to your message. Read more here.

A graphic in praise of introverted leaders and the ways they communicate with impact. Read more here

The danger of listening more to people who talk a lot, people who are the experts and people who are higher up in the organisation's hierarchy. Read more here

Research findings suggest there is a relationship between justice and performance at work. A team leader who is open, honest and just will motivate team members to go the extra mile. Read more here

Ten qualities that we need to develop to improve our emotional intelligence.

Often we are given career advice to "follow our passion" but a new research study suggests this is terrible advice. It can lead to people having a fixed mindset (as opposed to a growth mindset) and not trying new directions and opportunities. Read more here.

Many of us work in organisations with too many meetings. However, sometimes there are key meetings that we would like to be part of but that we are currently excluded from and it hurts. Read about how to get yourself invited to important meetings here

The most effective teams have regular, intense debates. As leaders, we need to help our teams disagree more. We want everyone to collectively agree to team decisions, not just right away. Read more here.

This is an article on using graphic facilitation to improve meetings that's full of practical advice for anyone who wants to sketchnote. It offers some simple but powerful templates that have wider applicability. Read more here

Kate shared this tweet from Cedar Court Dementia Care Home who asked members of the public going on holiday to send post cards to their residents. She told us how to her, this tweet tells her about that in-built part of humans where we all want to do acts of kindness to improve the lives of others. The care home contacted her to say a very big thanks. The next question from Kate is what can we all do over the summer to help those in our communities; we can all do something small to reduce loneliness.  You can read more here

We can only understand life by looking backwards, but we have to live life forwards. Read more here.