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Tweets of the Week 6th July, 2018

The Horizons team features many influential Twitter users. This curates a wealth of insights, knowledge, and information about transformation in health and care from other thought leaders across the world.

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The Horizons team celebrated NHS's 70th birthday on Thursday.

Bev was in Westminster Abbey with some of the Transforming Perceptions of Nursing Ambassadors. She was particularly inspired by Simon Stevens' words "the future of the NHS is dependent on us being impatient with the present". 

Kate, who was also at Westminster Abbey wrote a special message of how the NHS gave her life, saved her life and gave meaning to her life. 

Helen tweeted about her pride in the NHS and how incredible it is that people across society collectively contribute to a healthcare system that's there for everyone, when they need it, free when they use it. 

Paul shared how deeply proud he is to be a part of, patient of and supporter of our fabulous NHS which is there for us regardless of class, race, religion, gender or any other facet that makes us unique. 

The Horizons Business support team got together with NHS Sustainable Improvement for the NHS Big7Tea Party. 

And of course, we as a collective team wished the NHS a Happy Birthday too.  

Congratulations to Zoe

Congratulations to Zoe Lord, our Senior Transformation Lead, who graduated with an MSc in Healthcare Leadership - with merit! She was awarded her degree on the NHS' 70th birthday.

Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

Charlotte is one of our Transforming Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery ambassadors. She is taking part in our July challenge, where we've asked nurses and midwives to write a blog. You can read more here.

Some of our nurses and midwives have even taken this a leap further and challenged our ambassadors to post a blog every single day! They have set out a challenge for each day to give the ambassadors inspiration about what to write. 

Bev, the programme lead for this work has been particularly inspired by a few of these blogs. 

Hayley shared her story of the moment she realised she wanted to become a nurse. You can read more here.

Bev shared her favourite quote:

Helen also shared a blog from Zara which particularly inspired her. You can read more here.

Kate wrote a beautiful letter to her daughter on becoming a nurse.

Kate's moving post has received a great response internationally:

NHS South Central Primary Care Development

Sasha and Kathryn were supporting the NHS South Central Primary Care Development day this week. 

Civil Service Live

This week, Ian spoke at #CivilServiceLive about the future of leadership. The whole Horizons team was extremely impressed by this beautiful sketchnote which one of the participants, Toby, created.  

School for Change Agents

The School for Change Agents team have been busy this week getting out our newsletter. We've asked our Change Agents to help us by sharing their stories of how they have used their learning - this knowledge will help us make the course even better. Please contact Rosanna Hunt if you'd like to get involved.

We always like to continue thinking of School even when it's not running. Leigh shared the story of a Turkish immigrant who was rebellious, rocked the boat and stayed in it in a old power vs. new power fashion. Much like some of our Change Agents. You can read more here


The Horizons team takes wellbeing very seriously: Leigh shared this great sketchnote reminding everyone to remember that self care IS important and never selfish. Take the time to reflect on whether things in your life are helping or hindering and act accordingly. Even the smallest changes can help. 

Social Media

Leigh, our social media guru has found some useful insights for anyone interested in social media, how it's impacting on society and our lives. You can read more here

Helen wrote how we spend 60% of our conversations talking about ourselves, 80% when chatting on social media. Yet the best conversations are 50/50 and staying quiet half the time is a tough but influential tool for improvement. You can read more here.

Culture and teams

Helen shared insights from a recent Tom Peters interview and related it to this brilliant sketchnote. You can read more here

Insights on factors that are often missed in culture change efforts. You can read more here.

You can't change behaviours without first changing core beliefs which is why, as we shift the balance in health and care between organisational leadership and system leadership, we need to support fundamental new leadership thinking. Read more here.

The importance of who you hire, why space for dissent is an important part of dialogue, and knowing what you are not working on. Read more here

The skillset we need for an increasingly complex, increasingly connected world is one where we are able to absorb diverse information from multiple sources AND have the ability to focus AT the same time. Read more here

How to cure a bad case of metric fixation (valuing numerical indicators over judgement informed by experience and talent and believing that rewarding people based on their measured performance is the best way to motivate them). Read more here.

A free test to understand your own level of emotional intelligence. Read more here.

How to win every argument! Read more here.