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Start somewhere, start today. The future of change

The age of Industrialisation relied on large numbers of workers doing what they were told. This was essential for factories to be successful and whilst following instructions is still necessary there is now a lot more focus on people being able to think more and make their own decisions regarding their work. 

If workers simply follow what they are told then the status quo will never be challenged and changes will only be implemented when the people at the top decide that change is needed. In health and care, workers are best placed to see what needs changing and have the ideas to improve services. It is vital therefore; that these workers do not have the mind-set of only showing up to work and doing what they are told. By thinking and challenging what they are told change activists can drive forward a better way of doing things. 

It is also important to remember that ideas do not have to be perfect before implementing them. Tweaks are a natural process whenever a change is implemented. Change activists simply need to have an idea that will make something better. Once the idea is at a stage where it is workable and would benefit staff or patients it is ready to be implemented.

a change maker is someone who can see what needs to be done, and then does it, with generosity of spirit. Either is not enough, you have to have both.


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